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P800 GroupWise Sync

I set up synchronization between GroupWise and the P800 (SymbianOS v. 7.0) calendar via MS Outlook today.
The following is a brief walkthrough of the steps performed.
Before doing any of the stuff below, I had a GroupWise client, ver. 6.0.3, installed - no caching configured. From version 6.0 and onwards, the GroupWise client application is able to integrate with Outlook. For earlier versions, there is an add-on application available at the Novell website.

I started by installing MS Outlook (2000):

  • On first launch after install, Outlook must be configured - a splash screen with options appears. I chose the "Business and Workgroup" option (this setting can be changed from one of Outlook's menus).

Hook up Outlook to GroupWise:

  • Choose <Tools> -> <Service Programs> in Outlook.
  • I added everything GroupWise:
    • Novell GroupWise Address Book
    • Novell GroupWise Message Store
      • In the appearing window, I typed my GroupWise user name and left the GroupWise command line field blank.
    • Novell GroupWise Transport Provider
    • Novell Personal Adress Book

After performing these operations, I was now able to see the contents of my GroupWise profile (folders, notes, calendar etc.) in Outlook's folder pull down menu.
Lastly, I configured the Sync Station settings to synchronize notes and calendar using MS Outlook and "Novell Default Settings" as MS Outlook profile.
I can successfully add calendar entries on the P800 and after synchronization, they appear in my GroupWise profile (and vice versa).

Problem with duplicate appointments on P800. Deleted entry on P800 reappears after sync.

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