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Back In Business…

So, I have put my little home page/blogging application back into circulation - a bit later than expected. When I took gersbo.net offline in late July - due to our move to the new (first!) house - I figured I would have it back online in late September. As you can gather from the time stamp of this entry, things did not work out that way.The delay was in part due to the time it took to transfer our cable connection from the appartment to the house, but the main bottleneck has really been me. I did not realize the amount of work that comes along with being the proud owner of a (old) house! The summer went by in a blitz with us fixing the interior of the house. All of a sudden the days with long hours of daylight were gone and I found myself frantically going from room to room putting in lighting. Only to find out that I really should get started on the exterior of the house, before the cold sets in. So for the past two weeks, I have been re-plastering parts of the exterior of the house with new mortar. In a great hurry, since the mortar needs 28 days at a temperature above 5 degrees celcius to harden properly (which I might just make). This mortar business is not an easy task if you ask me: it is difficult to apply the mortar and it is even more difficult to mix the mortar in the right way. Too wet or too dry, the mortar will not be sufficiently strong and it will be even more difficult to apply. I will not even mention the damage I have been doing to my frail typist's wrists.

Another reason for me to put off going online is the change in network topology that came with moving to the house. Here, the cable connection enters the house in a room that is quite far (it is a large basement) from the office in which I get to keep my extensive collection of computers. I have been meaning to avoid long cables running all through the house by extending our existing wireless network. My grand plan was to provide wireless coverage to the whole house from the basement room with the cable connection and use a second router/AP as a wireless bridge to my office/control/geek center. The first part of the plan is implemented, but I have not been able to get the wireless bridge working. Tonight, I decided that I really need this log for my PhD work and thus bit the bullet: I have put up a very long cable to hook up my server machine with the primary router. I have left the wireless bridge thing as an excercise for myself, once time permits.

That done, all I am left with is a lot of adding and updating to do. While being offline, I have been jotting down stuff and bits & pieces in other places and I really should get this stuff up here…

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