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Ruby On Rails

I am getting my feet wet with Ruby on Rails - RoR. "Rails" is a much hyped framework for web application development, which uses the "Ruby" programming (or is it scripting?) language. So far it has been a very pleasant experience since RoR really does away with a lot of the CRUD involved in web application development. I have not yet gotten to the more heavy stuff concerning page layout, site navigation and session management, but here are links to some of the resources that helped me get started.
The Ruby on Rails website and these are the "official" getting started pages. The inventor of Rails, David Heinemeier Hansson, has posted a few "getting started" tips in his blog.

At Oreilly's ONLamp.com, Curt Hibbs has written a tutorial in two parts (part 1 part 2). The tutorial features a walkthrough of a simple, yet very illustrative sample application. Curt Hibbs is also the author of an article on using Ajax with Rails.
This blog entry comments and supplements Curt Hibb's tutorial.
How to get Ruby on Rails working with Apache2 and FastCGI?
Using Eclipse for Rails development or the Eclipse based RadRails IDE.

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