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By messing around with upload of images to flickr from my mobile, I came across ShoZu.com, which offer yet another approach to flickr uploads.

The service offered by ShoZu enables you to upload, describe and tag images. ShoZu can currently be used with flickr, textamerica or Webshots and uses the open (semi-open in the case of Webshots) API's (flickr API, Textamerica API and Webshots API) offered by those services to interact with your account.

The setup is as follows:

  1. You open an account at the ShoZu website and type in your phone number (countries all over the world is supported).
  2. You then chose the image sharing service to use with ShoZu (see above) and authorize ShoZu to interact with you account.
  3. ShoZu will then send you a link by sms to where you can download ShoZu's phone application. The application is either a J2ME (MIDP) application or a native phone OS application - the latter was the case for my Sony Ericsson P910i - and a reasonable range of handsets is currently supported.
  4. Once you have downloaded and installed the application, you activate it by entering the user name and password chosen in step #1

To use the service, you must have set up your phone for GPRS or 3G data access.

The ShoZu phone app works somewhat like a FTP client. Using the app, you can browse the folders and files of your phone, add image descriptions and tags and select images for upload. The app integrates with your camera app, so when you capture an image, a pop up will ask you, if you want to upload the captured image (you can disable the pop up in the settings of the ShoZy app).

To give you an idea of how it works, I grapped some screenshots while using the ShoZu app - see below. The screenshots were taken using Anthony Pranata's ScreenShot for Symbian OS. BTW, take a look at Anthony's list of must-have Series60 applications - many of which are also available for UIQ phones.

[I have modified the following paragraph after receiving comments from ShoZu - see comments section]

ShoZu posit that their service is superior to email upload in terms of reliability (uploads can be resumed) and overhead. As an added bonus, it is possible to send uploaded images by email without having to transmit the images from the phone. Until you delete the images (the ones you have uploaded) from you phone, ShoZu will store copies on their servers. If you then send email using ShoZu, the service will fetch the images from their cache and attach them, before passing the email on to the recipients. This last feature could be the #1 reason to sign up with ShoZu, since it will dramatically lower the cost of emailing images.

Folder list  Image list  File menu  Add image description/tags  Transfer status

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5 Responses to “ShoZu.com”

  1. Gravatar Andy Tiller Says:

    Thanks for the thorough and accurate review!

    One small point of clarification regarding “If the email is sent using ShoZu, the service will fetch the images from flickr and attach them, before passing the email on to the recipients”:

    In fact, the way it works is that your photo or video is stored temporarily on the ShoZu server (only until you delete it from the phone - see http://www.shozu.com/resources/portal/support/en/#delete and the ShoZu terms & conditions for further details).

    This allows you to email it virtually for free from your phone, and in future will enable additional services (e.g. posting the photo as part of an entry to your blog from the phone - again virtually for free). It also allows this feature to work independently, without requiring API support for retrieving photos from the web site where your photos are permanently stored.

    Apologies if this wasn’t clear from our documentation.

    Hope you enjoy using ShoZu.

    Andy Tiller
    CTO Cognima (creators of ShoZu)

  2. chris Says:

    Thank you for your response - I did get the impression that images were only stored on your servers while in transit to the 3rd. party application. My fault for not reading the T&C properly :)

    I just did go back and read the T&C (and the help files at the ShoZu website) and I cannot seem to find any restrictions concerning memory usage - does this mean I can upload as many pictures as I like?

    BTW, I have filed a request for support of the SE Z1010 handset. I have been testing 3G service using a Z1010 and wanted to use it with ShoZu.


  3. Gravatar mkhan Says:

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