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Telmore 3G, SE Z1010 and flickr.

I have recently been trying out the Telmore UMTS (3G) network using a borrowed Sony Ericsson Z1010. I blogged about setting up the Z1010 with 3G in an earlier post (in danish) and I have since then been experimenting with putting the 3G network to use.

I was hoping that flickr uploads could be sped up using the higher transfer rates on the UMTS network (in comparison to GPRS). If I do take pictures, I use my phone camera and I have come to really enjoy the point-click-send (QuickShare) feature of my Sony Ericsson P910i. Using QuickShare, I can ship off an image to the flickr upload email address directly from the camera application, immediately after capture. To me, this is the whole point of phone cameras, the phone screen being simply too small to share images with friends and family (even the 208×320 pixel screen of the P910i).

So, after setting up the Z1010 "loaner" for the Telmore UMTS network, I tried to replicate the P910i point-click-send manoeuver on the Z1010. Alas, all though the Z1010 carries the "QuickShare" label, the Z1010 camera application only allows sending images by MMS, no email :(
To send images by email, one has to exit the camera application, open the file manager and select the image. Here, one can choose ⟨More⟩ -> ⟨Send⟩ -> ⟨email⟩.

Having figured that out, I immediately ran into another problem: The email client on the Z1010 is unable to send messages using the standard Telmore SMTP server (


). The Telmore support pages tell you to use this server and it is the one I use on my P910i (which uses the Telmore GSM network). On the Z1010, the email client will look for the server endlessly and finally abort complaining about incorrect mailbox or password - even though the settings are identical to those of the P910i. Go figure…


I should probably also note that when filling out text fields on the Z1010, some characters appear to move around between different buttons. For instance, in some text fields, the


character can be typed in using the


-key, while in others


is found on the



Having finally got everything set up right, I was able to get to the point of all this: a comparison of the time it takes to upload an image to flickr using GPRS and 3G. I first uploaded a 93 kB image to flickr using GPRS on my P910i and then uploaded the same image using 3G on the Z1010. The times clocked were:

93 kB image via email using P910i and GPRS: ~125 s.
93 kB image via email using Z1010 and 3G: ~25 s.

So, much to my satisfaction, the faster 3G transfer rate does come through and speed up tasks such as flickr image upload.

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