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The 8 Mbps Has Not Kicked In Yet

In a continued effort to catch up with Swedish internet broadband prices and speeds, my ISP Tele2 announced the availablility of 8192/512 Mbit/s broadband in September 2006. The 8 Mbit line is priced at DKK 379 (∼ $63) a month, which is actually DKK 20 less than what I currently pay for my 2 Mbit line - go figure…

Needless to say, I immediately signed up for an upgrade to 8 Mbit and on September 11th, Tele2 confirmed my upgrade request, telling me the actual upgrade would take place within 4 weeks. I have been testing my broadband line transfer rates from time to time ever since, but nothing has happend - the transfer rates remain at 1.8 Mbit/s download and 450 kbit/s upload, which translate into the 2048/512 kbit/s line I'm subscribed to.

So, today I emailed Tele2 customer support, asking them if they can tell me when the upgrade will be effective.

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