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Tele2 20 mbps ADSL

As part of the ongoing Danish ADSL price war (+ the attempt to catch up with Swedish ADSL prices), Tele2 on October 25th announced a 20 mpbs ADSL line to be available shortly.

I (again) signed up for notification about availability in the faint hope that maybe this time, the offer would extend to my telephone central (Stenløse).

Tele2 customer service emailed me today informing me that the 20 mpbs line is now available (10 mpbs now, with an upgrade to 20 mpbs during the month of December), but alas, when I called Tele2 they regrettably informed me that their network still does not cover Stenløse central and that I would not be able to get the 20 mpbs line.

Bummer … again!

Well, on the bright side the customer service guy did tell me that Tele2 is continuously expanding their network and they inform existing customers when centrals are upgraded. Hopefully this will happen to me any time soon…

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