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Nine tweaks that will improve Nokia N95 battery life by 328%

Tweaks to improve Nokia N95 battery lifeThere is no way getting around the fact battery life on the Nokia N95 is less than great. Almost every N95 review addresses this issue in one way or the other. Opinions seem to range from infuriated "Nokia should provide a more powerful battery for this type of device" to apologetic "a communication and multi media power house is bound to run its battery dry in no time".

Whatever the case may be, there are things that can be done to improve upon the «default» N95 battery life time. Improvements come from tweaking a few, selected settings from their default values.

I have divided this authoritative N95 battery tweaking guide into two parts: first I will show you a few basic battery friendly optimizations and habits that can be employed by everyone. Next, I provide a few advanced tweaks that on the one hand might not fit everybody, on the other hand result in the most significant improvements.

Right, let's get cracking!

Basic Optimizations

  • Update phone firmware - new firmware might include improvements to battery management.
  • Bluetooth - keep it off unless needed. Put bluetooth management on «active standby» screen for easy access («Tools» | «Settings» | «General» | «Personalisation» | «Standby mode» | «Active standby apps..»).
  • Brightness timeout …not more than 10 seconds («Tools» | «Settings» | «General» | «Personalisation» | «Display» | «Light time-out»).
  • Screen brightness - turn it down a notch or two («Tools» | «Settings» | «General» | «Personalisation» | «Display» | «Light sensor»).
  • Lower the standby timeout - mine's set to 1 minute («Tools» | «Settings» | «General» | «Personalisation» | «Display» | «Power saver time-out»).
  • Camera - do not walk around with "live" viewfinder1.

Rocket Science Tweaks

  • WLAN scanning - turn it off…scan manually, or turn scanning on when needed («Tools» | «Settings» | «Connection» | «Wireless LAN» | «Scan for networks»).
  • 3G - turn it off - especially in areas with poor coverage, where the N95 otherwise will spend stupefying amounts of power searching for networks («Tools» | «Settings» | «Phone» | «Network» | Set «Network mode» to «GSM»).
  • WLAN transmit power (TX power level) - turn it down to, say, 4 mW. («Tools» | «Settings» | «Connection» | «Wireless LAN» | «Options» | «Advanced settings» - say YES to the prompt - scroll down to TX power level choose options/change/ and select 4 mW.).

Enjoy … and by the way, I have no idea if employing these tweaks will actually lead to a 328% improvement, but it is a nice figure, don't you think?

  1. Courtesy of Steve Litchfield [back]

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77 Responses to “Nine tweaks that will improve Nokia N95 battery life by 328%”

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  3. Gravatar snoyt Says:

    Actually the N95 seems to autoadjust it’s transmit power. The option is in the menu. And since there is no reason to adjust the receiving power ;-) For the rest you are right, also switching of dual mode seems to have impact.

  4. chris Says:

    Thank you for that piece of information.

    Turning off 3G (”dual mode”) really did it for me, since 3G reception is so flaky at work. Searching for a network just drains the battery in no time.

    I enjoyed reading your round-up of N95 battery performance results and comparisons. Very nice!

  5. Gravatar Midnght Says:

    So with these tweaks what’s your standby time? Personally I don’t care about talk time 1-2 hours is enough for me. But I can’t have 4 hours of standby that’s just insane!

    So anyone know how far above 4 hours your stanby time is now with all these tweaks set up?

    With the current setup i’m thinking to wait for E90 as it’s standby is listed at 14 days.

  6. Chris Says:

    I think you have confused the talk time (240 min ~ 4 hours) and standby time (225 hours ~ 9 days), no?

    I do not know about the actual standby time because that would require me to keep the phone on, but not use it. I charge my N95 every 2 or 4 days, mostly every third day I would say.

  7. Gravatar vesko Says:

    i am not yet use n95,still charging battery,but,i affraid,battery is not good enough??!!
    Anyone sharing my oppinion,or,better,tell me story about long life battery???!!!
    thank you,and godby!!!!

  8. Gravatar Uhla Says:

    I’ve had my N95 for two months now. The battery life has been lousy since day 1. I HAVE to charge it twice it twice a day. The phone dies when i’m in a call and i recieve a text message at the same time. The battery is so loose that it looses contact now and then.
    I’m really disappointed in this phone. I waited three months to get a piece of ****.
    Not happy with this phone at all.
    Not sure why i went back to using a Nokia again… huge mistake.
    Have tried all the tweaks and will see if it makes any differnce.
    One can only hope…

  9. Chris Says:

    @Uhla: Sounds as if you have bought a botched unit. In Denmark - where I live - there are laws to protect customers against such incidents. Defective products are replaced or repaired at the manufacturer’s expense.
    You should check if there are similar laws where you live. What you are describing is not acceptable and nowhere near what I am writing about in the above post.

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  11. Gravatar GSXR600 Says:

    Debranded my T Mobile, updated to latest firmware 12 (you have to debrand them or you cannot upgrade to the latest firmware), turned off 3G, battery life is fantastic now.
    This phone rocks, would recommend this phone !!!

  12. Gravatar Tom Zywina Says:

    Two new phones. On one of them I charged the battery yesterday evening, today at lunchtime it is complaining about a low battery. All I have done is make maybe 10 - 15 minutes of calls. Less than 24 hours of standby time is not acceptable. I will try turning off 3G and try the other tweaks, but at the moment I am close to returning the phone to the shop.

  13. Chris Says:

    Thanks for commenting, Tom.
    Are both phones N95 handsets?
    Are you aware that brand new batteries need to be charged a few times before they start behaving correctly? I am not suggesting you accept a flawed product but you should not expect »normal« standby times until after something like the 3rd or 5th charge.

  14. Gravatar mark Says:

    Turn the bloody thing off…just before it runs out…increases battery life heaps…promise..hehe

  15. Gravatar DaN DaN Says:

    does anyone know when the new 1200 mah nokia n95 batteries will be available ??

    surley with the n95 8gig comings soon battery life must be improved if they want people to use n95’s rather iphone’s ect !!

  16. Chris Says:

    @DaN DaN: As far as I know, the “new” N95 8GB handset (incl. the 1200 mAh BL-6F batteries) should be available in early October.
    You are aware that a BL-6F battery cannot be used with an “old” N95? The 1200 mAh battery is larger than the 950 mAh BL-5F used in the current N95, so the physical design of the N95 8GB had been changed to accomodate the larger battery.

  17. Gravatar Jon Says:

    Actually, in reply to Chris’ comment; I have a 1200mAh battery, from eBay, (not Nokia branded) and it is the same size as the original 950 mAh battery. Any larger however and you would need a new battery cover to accomodate the increased battery width.

  18. Chris Says:

    Hi Jon and thank you for your comment,
    I hope you will take the time to answer two questions about your 1200 mAh battery:

    1) Could you post a link to the seller/retailer?
    2) Is there a significant improvement when compared to the “regular” 950 mAh battery?

  19. Gravatar Ian Says:

    You can get a 1350 mAh battery from GPSFORLESS. Just bought one and it comes with a matching cover. It’s a little bulky but I will put up with that if it gives more battery life. To early to say whether it works yet as I only got it today.

  20. Chris Says:

    @Ian: I would be very interested to know how that battery works out for you!

    Personally, I am not interested in the kind of batteries that require a custom back cover. If you are, mobiltec24.de sells a 2400 mAh battery - not Nokia branded, obviously.

  21. Gravatar Jon Says:


    Certainly, the battery was brought from eBay seller “battery-trading” costing £6.48 in total. I have yet to put it through a proper test. Stupidly, like I did with the 950mAh battery, I didn’t give it a good 16 hour charge before use (yes I know, I’m just too impatient!) so it was running down really quickly (showing full bars and then running down during the night).

    However, over the last couple of days I’ve had it on charge constantly in my dock so I’ve switched it over this morning to put it through a test over the weekend. I will report back with my findings!

  22. Chris Says:

    @Jon: Thanks for the follow-up comment!
    I had a look at the reseller’s page and it states that “Fitting is simple and instructions are included”. Could you - just briefly - explain how much fitting is needed. My mouse pointer is hovering above the “Buy It Now” button, but I like to know these things before ordering…

  23. Gravatar Jon Says:


    I also wondered about that comment before I purchased one but my thinking was; “if there’s no supplied back then surely it’ll just fit straight in”. I took the gamble and it paid off!

    There were no fitting instructions included, it just slots in as the 950mAh does - although it is a little tighter to get in but there is definitely no need for a replacement back.

    Also, mine was a nice grey (if you can call that nice) colour like the original battery, it just doesn’t have the Nokia hollogram.

    Enjoy your purchase! ;)

  24. Chris Says:

    OK, I went ahead and ordered one - with shipping to Denmark, it came to £9.98. Not bad.
    Thank you for clarifying the fitting “issue”.
    I trust you to drop a comment should your battery burst into flames ;-)

  25. Gravatar Jon Says:

    Hmm well it hasn’t burst into flames (yet!) but I haven’t been impressed with the life of the thing.

    I’ve only been getting around 4 hours of normal use out of it which is quite poor. Maybe it’s because I left it charging for too long or maybe I have a duff one but it’s become pointless in me using it any more.

    One example being: left the phone online before I went to sleep showing full battery on the standby screen. Woke up the next morning and the phone was completely dead!! The alarm didn’t even have a chance to go off!

    One night I actually woke up with the ‘battery low’ sound and had to plug it in to shut the thing up :-(

    Hopefully Chris yours will turn out alright but I don’t think I’ll buy an un-branded battery again from now on. I just wish Nokia would release their own 1200mAh one now :-/

  26. Gravatar Keith Says:

    Thanks for the 9 + 1 Tips, looking forward to trying them out. Absolutely no satisfaction from contractor about returning the N95 after two week period. Unfortunately this is when you try out all the new technology and expect the battery to take a hammering. I did the full 24hour charge and have still had limited battery satisfaction. I didn’t realise that when NOKIA advertised that these phones where the next generation computers that you should be expecting laptop battery life!

  27. Chris Says:

    @Jon: Sorry to hear about the poor battery performance - especially since I went ahead and ordered one too ;-) At the mobildebat.dk forum (it is Danish, I am afraid), I have been reading about similar experiences with unbranded batteries. We will see, I keep my fingers crossed.

    @Keith: Thanks for commenting, I think the laptop analogy is spot on! If you have not already done so, you will definitely see some improvement in the battery performance once you start using the tweaks. Of course depending upon how far you are prepared to go - turning off 3G is great for conserving power, but somewhat at odds with the whole idea of a smartphone…that is my take, anyhoo

  28. Gravatar Jon Says:

    Yes I agree that turning 3G has vastly improved my phone’s performance (with the original battery lol!)

    Another thing I was thinking that might help is turning off the Active Standby… Surely this will use more of your phone’s memory and therefore more battery power??

    Just a thought!

  29. Chris Says:

    @Jon: I think I have read someone suggesting to do just that, but it is not for me. I very much like Active Standby and wish I could personalize it even further.

  30. Gravatar chris Says:

    thanks chris my friend, jst tried your tips to improve battery life and actually noticing a difference str8 away, its not beeping anymore! I think it must def b the 3g killing the battery but like u say, turnin it off defeats the object of owning a smart phone!!

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  32. Gravatar Adie Says:

    Thanks for the tips… was very reluctant to buy this phone when I read all the reviews (on battery life). I have found quite a lot of web forums etc saying exactly what you are saying and getting good results… So i crossed my fingers and ordered one. I hopefully not even experience bad battery life as i am going to apply all tweaks before i even use it!!! At the end of the day, it’s a lot of devices rolled into one…. with ONE BATTERY. Yes, Nokia could of done more to improve but why switch EVERY feature on if you’re not going to use it for 24Hrs a day!!!. I wouldn’t leave my car running overnight and then complain that it ran out of fuel. Sorry.. I’m rambling. Thanks for the tweaks.

  33. Chris Says:

    Hello Adie and thanks for commenting.
    I do hope you will find the tweaks useful, but in either case I do not think you will regret buying a N95 - it is simply a wonderful phone. Despite problems with battery and RAM.

  34. Gravatar Kujtim Says:

    Hi everybody,
    since I was experiencing same problems with my one-week-old N95, I thought of browsing around to get some tips for this. And here’s where I am. Now, I just have to wait for some time and see if there is any improvement. Anyway, thanks for the tips.

  35. Gravatar Snakey Says:

    When will nokia release their 1200mAh battery????Is there any news regarding that?

  36. Chris Says:

    The 1200 mAh Nokia BL-6F battery is available now. Both mobilecityonline.com and mobileplanet.com have it in stock.
    Note that the BL-6F battery is not compatible with the »old« N95 model.

  37. Gravatar Jon Says:

    Chris, how did you get on with your eBay battery? I’m coping quite well with my original battery after a firmware upgrade and using the tweaks listed here…

  38. Chris Says:

    @Jon: The eBay battery did not work for me at all. I think I have received a defunct battery, because something about the battery’s connectors does not look right.

    I can insert the battery and if I do not re-attach the back cover, I can turn on the phone. However, if I try to re-attach the back cover (or if I press ever so slightly on the battery) something immediately short curcuits.

    I have contacted the reseller, but have not received any reply yet (it has been a while so I do not expect to get a reply).

  39. Gravatar Pranav Says:

    hey o broguht my n95 second hand and is still in warranty. The front camera is not good, i tried to give it for warranty service buyt the dude at the serbice centre says it cannot be done because the phone is not indian…!!! it was bought outside india..so guys! can anyone tell me how can i get this done pleaseeee…my email is tapucool@gmail.com i’ll be veeeeeeeeerrrrrrrry grrrreeeatfulll…thanks …:))

  40. Gravatar Dave Says:

    Oh i do wish i found this Topic earlyer
    I ordered my phone yesterday and its been delivered today
    So when i get home it will be there.

    I am worried that the battrie life will be very low,

    Allthough i am using an XDA mini s at the moment (PDA)
    And i do place this on charge every night,

    This am used to, so i hope the life is no shorter than what phone i have already :-(

    Was there any news on the Nokia’s Brand for the Upgraded Battrie?

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  42. Gravatar Sam Says:

    hey there

    Ialso was quite angry with the poor battery life with the nokia n95.

    However this may not make sense, but i found with the battery that came with the phone, it always fell out with no force when inserted into it’s slot.

    So i went to the dealer i got it from and they chucked in a new battery (BL-5F) as previously but it fitted snug. No falling out what so ever.

    im getting two going on three days of moderate to heavy useage, abiding by the 9 hints as given. but seem to be getting better life with the new better fitting battery then the previous.


  43. Gravatar Uhla Says:

    Me again. Still having problems with my N95. It has gone to the dealer twice now for repairs!!! 1st time: speaker blew. 2nd time: phone wouldn’t charge or switch on. Well speaker has been replaced and the loose soldering (manufacture fault) has been fixed. Thankfully i had a recent backup that i could restore or everything would be lost AGAIN, as they have now reloaded the software again. Lets see how long i get to use the phone this time… before it needs to go in AGAIN! The dealer gave me a “new” battery aswell, so lets see if all is well in N95 land now.
    Hope you are all having better luck with your N95’s!

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  45. Gravatar Jimmy Says:

    Thanks for the advice! However……
    Im on 3 network and the options on the network menu are dual mode or UMTS. What is UMTS? and will it improve my battery life?
    Please help, thanks!

  46. Chris Says:

    @Jimmy: In the network menu there should be three options: »Dual mode«, »UMTS« and »GSM«. »UMTS« is the 3G network and selecting the »GSM« option means 3G is turned off.
    What is 3G coverage like where you live? If 3G is turned on and you (your phone) is in areas with poor (sporadic) 3G coverage, the phone will use quite a bit of power, trying to locate (reach) a 3G network. So, if this is the case, turning off 3G will improve on battery life.

  47. Gravatar Seany Says:

    The battery life is fairly crapa lright on the phone but I charge my phones every night anyways. I think the pro’s outway the cons a lot with the N95. Light sabre rules lol.
    Cheers for the tips Chris.

  48. Gravatar Jon3sh Says:

    Works for my 3g us version using 1200 mAh 6f battery. Thanks for the tweaks.

  49. Gravatar jc Says:

    Hi Chris, you are a legend! Thanks for your 9 tips. I’ve implemented them all and my N95 has been running doing its usual stuff. Lots of texts, some calls, odd bits of wifi and GPS stuff, some photos taking and viewing without a charge for 2 days now. There are still 3 bars. It makes perfect sense to just have on what you need when you need it. Thanks for the clear to understand, step-by-step instructions. Best wishes a happy (with his battery) N95 user.

    - jc

  50. Chris Says:

    @jc: Glad you liked them!

  51. Gravatar sr Says:

    the ebay seller battery-trading only has 3000 mah batterys does anybody know were to get the 1200 for original n95

  52. Gravatar dm Says:

    Might come of as an ad, but since some people were asking, here’s a link to expired Ebay battery auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=ADME:B:EOIBSAA:US:11&Item=370019486117

    I bought couple of batteries from that auction (9 bucks each!). Didn’t really expect much - It sounded too good to be true. Though I might get some cheap knock off batteries. About week and half later got 2 genuine Nokia batteries (has logo hologram and all other stuff). BL-6F 1200mAh. Using one of them in my N95-3. Works just like the original one with the only difference that it says “Made in China and further processed in China” and original one says “…Japan…China”.

  53. Gravatar Paul Says:

    This is the worst phone I’ve ever had! I’ve seriously come to hate it. My battery lasts about 4 hours if I’m lucky and that’s with everything turned off and down, hardly making calls or recieving and sending a few texts. And to add injury to insult this is my second handset, I thought the first may have been faulty and sent it back only to live the same nightmare with this one… for all its applications this is an absolutely useless device… its supposed to be a ‘mobile phone’ yeah right! Nothing mobile about it when it constantly needs to be charged.

  54. Chris Says:

    Hi Paul,

    I am very sorry to learn about your bad experiences with N95 units. Even though you are now on your second unit, something must be wrong with both units. I have had my own N95 for over a year now and I get several days on a charge - without problems. I know several other people that own N95s and get similar battery performance.
    You should not accept these botched units (indeed it does not appear you do) - get your money back and buy a unit somewhere else.

  55. Gravatar PDC Says:

    In case this has happened to others.
    I recently bought a charger from Ebay that connects phone to both USB & power plug plus charges a BL-6F or 5F battery at the same time. It came with a BL-5F battery which works OK in the N95-3 model. However the BL-5F battery is a little bit bigger than the BL-6F and the BL-6F would subsequently come disconnected when handled. This was causing me to lose calls and was a pain to reboot every 10 minutes or so.
    I then taped some card-type paper to the bottom 2 thicknesses to increase the battery length and now there are no disconnects. Hope this helps someone else.

  56. Gravatar Adie Says:

    Hi Paul, I am also sorry to hear you are not happy. I’ve had my N95 for about 4 months now. True, when I first got it the battery life was awful but then I followed these tips and it got slightly better. I always update the firmware when a new version becomes available (on V21.0.016 VODAFONE) now and I’ve got to say the battery life is very impressive. I don’t use 3G so I’m on GSM only mode, I only have WiFi on when I need it but it is running Sat Nav most of the day (using Bluetooth co internal GPS is not good). HAve you tried updating firmware?

  57. Gravatar mick-g Says:

    Hi everybody….
    Ive been reading your posts about battery life and i cant help but wonder if the people who are reporting very low battery life if it because they maybe leaving stuff running in the background like the gps or some other app, its very easy done just by pressing the end key instead of exiting, you can keep your finger on the apps button and see whats running, im sorry if this seems like a daft post but i just get the feeling that people are doing this.

  58. Chris Says:

    Not daft at all, mick-g!

    Checking the list of running applications as you suggest is the first thing to do if battery life sucks.

  59. Gravatar Ro Says:


    Battery life is terrible in the first versions of the N95 So…

    1. Upgrade firmware - follow instructions on Nokia website (type Nokia updater into google)

    2. Hold down the internet key to see which apps you are running (one above the pen symbol and the “answer” green button)

    3. Turn off bluetooth, Wi Fi (and if you aren’t in a 3G area alot then turn off 3G as well!)

    Not tried the bigger batteries…but if they do work (and I’m still not convinced) can someone post the difference in talk time/stand by?

  60. Chris Says:

    @Ro: One minor correction - the key you are referring to in #2 is not the internet key, it is the “menu” or “home” key. On S603rd handsets, the internet key is the “0-key”, since a prolonged press on this key will open the browser.

  61. Gravatar `Prashant Says:

    Thanks Chris, your tips really helped me out. I had a mediocre battery life because my wi-fi was on all through the day and using the internet radio didn’t help a lot . By switching off my wi-fi and adjusting some display issues I have a much longer battery life and can listen to the radio longer. This has to be one of the best gifts I got. Thanks again.

    PS: There are way too many message here, so without reading I dare to ask did you find a non -stock longer living battery ?

  62. Gravatar rd Says:

    Great tips !
    i used them all and i ll check what will happen !
    I m just sad that the “Nokia batteries BL-6F 1200mAh” seems to be only available with the NOKIA N95 8GB and not the normal NOKIA N95 …
    a pity…


  63. Chris Says:

    Please excuse it has taken me this long to respond - I have been vacationing abroad.

    @Prashant: I tried my luck with an unbranded 1200 mAh battery I got from Ebay. It did not work - short circuited the phone somehow. Recently I got an unbranded 1000 mAh battery from blueunplugged.com that works just fine.
    But then 1000 mAh is not much of an improvement compared to the original 950 mAh BL-5F battery…

    @rd: Thanks!

  64. Gravatar Jamie Says:

    I’ve been running my N95 for almost a year with most of these optimizations (GSM only, wireless scanning off, bluetooth off being the main ones) and would get at least 4 days standby (assuming I didn’t use my phone much). Suddenly I get only 12 hours! Haven’t changed any settings. Bought a new battery, and its just the same - 12 hours. No idea what suddenly happened to my phone - an its (only just) out of warrantly too.

  65. Chris Says:

    Hi Jamie, just a quick thought: did you by any chance install any new applications recently? What you describe sounds pretty weird - especially considering you have tried a new battery - and I am thinking if maybe you have installed an application that is more less always running and thus drains the battery?

  66. Gravatar mick Says:

    Jamie, are you sure that your warranty is nearly out?
    I thought that the n95 comes with 2 years warranty…
    I bought a n95 8gb and that has 2 years warranty

  67. Gravatar eltroll Says:

    For example for Nokia France there are indeed 2 years of warranty. The only point is that the shop where i bought told me that he ll made only 1 year. So just try to go straight to Nokia

  68. Gravatar Jamie Says:

    Thanks for your suggestions!

    Chris, I had been on holiday for the 4 days prior and hardly used my phone - not installed anything. To be sure I did a factory reset to wipe all the apps etc. I did get rained on quite a bit, so was afraid it was water damage (phone was in my jeans the whole time and I had an umbrella though). The little rectangle of paper behind the battery turns pink when it gets wet, and fortunately that was still white.

    Mick and Eltroll, you’re right - Nokia do have a 2 year warranty in the EU, so my warranty hasn’t expired (I thought it was just 1 year). However, I voided my warranty 9 months ago by using NSS to change the product code so I could run more recent firmware :-(
    As part of trying to solve my battery problem I did another upgrade (to v30.0.015), and that didn’t fix it.

    Then I found http://www.n95users.com/forum/ which has quite a lot of useful stuff, like people reporting similar suddenly shortened battery life, and a mention of Nokia Energy Profiler. It turned out my phone was consuming 0.25Watts when on standby with the screen off. This is about 4 times higher than it should be. At n95users someone had a post about a button getting stuck, and this causing battery drain. It turned out my camera didn’t work - it would autofocus but not take a picture. The camera still worked if I had it on a self-timer, so it seemed like it could be a button problem. I took the battery out and took the back off and cleaned some dust/fluff/hair(!) out, and tested all the buttons and none seemed stuck, so left it for an hour then reassembled it, put the battery back in, and now my camera works and it consumes about 0.06W on standby!

    So, there you have it - not sure what the problem was. My phone has never been without power for an hour, so don’t know if this fixed it, and none of the buttons looked stuck or like anything I could have done would have fixed them, so I doubt me dusting them helped. But, it now works again!

  69. Gravatar Jens Says:

    I tried my luck with unbranded 1200 mAh Nokia N95 battery from myTrendyphone and it has several hours more standby time then origina BL-5F battery.

  70. Chris Says:

    Thank you, Jens for that piece of information - good to know.

    This is not one of those batteries that require a new - and larger - back cover, right? From looking at the product page you link to, I gather the battery is the same size as the original BL-5F.

  71. Gravatar Nokia n95 Crapaphone | Gods Kitchen Says:

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  72. Gravatar Daniela Says:

    Ok, I have a Rogers Nokia N95 AND i cannot find the function to turn off my 3g on my phone. Rogers were no help. Please help me to turn it off. I went into tools/settings/phone/network and there is no option to turn it into a gsm phone. PLEASE HELP ME. I LOVE the phone, but am disappointed in the quality of 3g.

  73. Gravatar Xavi Says:

    Just like Jamie, my phone battery use to last more than a day. I noticed that the battery was losing power very quick so I got a new battery and I was still having the same problem. I then updated the firmware which didn’t fix the problem either.

    I followed the tweaks above, but my phone battery(ies) still lasts only 12 hours. and I seldom send calls or receive txt msg.

  74. Gravatar zEEROCKz Says:

    thanks for the cool tweaks… plus we should also reduce the brightness to save battery…

  75. Gravatar James Says:

    To all about asking why they can’t switch to GSM is because of their network. 3 for example is a 3g only network which means turning to phone into GSM is just as good as choosing the offline profile. The phone you have is morelikely supplied from your network and has their firmware installed on it. So you will have some things others don’t but have less things than others, like with 3 push to talk is unavailable and so is GSM.

    Oh and about Dual mode and UTMS, UTMS is strictly 3G and Dual mode means you can get 2G as well as 3G. *For those without the option for GSM dual mode will work if your network has a deal with another network so you can text and call and do simple things.**

  76. Gravatar Kurt A. H. Says:

    good info.. found some points i didnt think of
    using them on my N97 :)

  77. Gravatar Chris H Says:

    N95, loved it, vibrator broke, got a warranty replacement. New phone had power problems, early one didn’t, all settings the same, usage the same.
    Maybe it was the G3 setting.

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