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How to use MapLoader to download GPS map data for smart2go and Nokia N95

Nokia Smart2go MapLoader HOWTO N95 GPS gersbo.dk Smart2go is the map and navigation application that comes pre-installed in Nokia N95 (»Maps« in the main menu). Smart2go is able to download map data from the net as needed, but since it is both expensive and time consuming, Nokia offers manual download of map data, using "MapLoader" - a PC utility program that can be found on the Smart2go web site.

This post demonstrates how map data for Denmark can be downloaded using "MapLoader" and transferred to the N95 memory card.

Please note that before any data is downloaded using Maploader, the smart2go (»Maps«) application should be used at least once on the phone. By doing so, a vital folder is created on the phone memory card. This folder is used by MapLoader to detect the phone and to store map data. The GPS map data folder is named '\Private\20001f63′.

These are the steps necessary to download map data for Denmark:

  • Download, install and start MapLoader.
  • Connect your phone to your PC, using the USB data cable that came with the phone. Choose "Data transfer" in the menu that pops up on the phone as the cable is plugged in. Close all programs - or restart the phone - if there is an error message, telling you the phone cannot be connected because another program uses the memory card.
  • Choose the "Europe" tab in MapLoader.

Nokia Smart2go MapLoader HOWTO N95 GPS mobilmag.dk

  • Locate Denmark on the list and click the '+'-sign to the right. 
  • This adds Â»Denmark« to the right side of the window.
  • Click the Â»Download« button in the lower right corner of the window.
  • Map data for Denmark is then downloaded and put into the subfolders of '\Private\20001f63′ on the memorycard.

Nokia Smart2go MapLoader HOWTO N95 GPS mobilmag.dk

It may take some time to download map data, depending on the load on the map server(s). It took me approx. 45 minutes to download the 21.9 MB data for the Denmark map.

The same procedure can be used for travels abroad. Before leaving home, download map data for the county(-ies) you are about to visit and you are all set!

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12 Responses to “How to use MapLoader to download GPS map data for smart2go and Nokia N95”

  1. Gravatar Conrad Says:

    Hi, I have a query regarding the use of the map loader, to get maps for Smart2go. When I start it up, I get the message that “The map data on your device is not compatible with the map data available…”
    This is strange, since Smart2go seems to work just fine on the handset, when downloading maps on the go via GPRS…
    The device is HTC TyTN2 with Windows Mobile 6.
    Any ideas to get maps downloaded with Map Loader will be much appreciated.
    Many thanx

  2. Chris Says:

    @Conrad: I suspect your problem is caused by incompatibilities between the version of MapLoader you are using, and the version of Smart2go on your device. The format, and possibly location, of map data on the device have changed.

    Have you seen this page at smart2go.com?

    It says that Windows Mobile 5 Users should make sure to use the right versions of both MapLoader and Smart2go, and delete old map data on the device.

    Please feel free to get back to me, if the above does not remedy your problem.

  3. Gravatar Conrad Says:

    Hehehe, thanx for the reply. But still no luck. I checked again the link to Smart2go, but it says WM5 should get the ‘new’ version of maploader 1.1
    But 1.1 is longtime not the ‘new’ version, downloading from smart2go gives u version 1.2, and when u start it up it upgrades to v 1.3.
    I get same message with both 1.2 and 1.3.
    Somebody mentioned getting nokia’s nseriespcsuite which includes maploader, same problem.
    Somebody else mentioned changing the qf file on the memory card… same prob.
    I have now connected to maploader again, clicked “delete maps” (not that there is any, coz I couldnt get that far yet), also deleted the qf file, will start up Smart2go on handset again, try again.
    If I still fail, will give up for now, suppose I dont NEED the whole map, can just download on the go the pieces I need, just nice to have the whole map, for browsing…..

  4. Gravatar Conrad Says:

    nope still no luck…. is it not possible to manually download the maps outside of maploader, and then install with pcsuite or maploader??

  5. Chris Says:

    Hello, again!
    Now that I think about it, I have had problems similar to yours in the past. I wrote a post about it:

    Read this if you have trouble downloading map data using MapLoader

    I have no idea if it will be of any help to you since I use a Nokia N95. But maybe…

    Other that that, it is possible to download map data manually, side stepping MapLoader. It is just somewhat cumbersome. This thread at discussions.europe.nokia.com covers the details.

    Please let me know, it any of this works out for you.

  6. Gravatar Conrad Says:

    Hi, I am happy to advise that I managed to get the maploader to work, give me the map downloads, and download a map.
    I opened the qf file with notepad, and changed the version number as listed there…
    When u download Smart2go it installs as v1.1, and they tell u to get maploader, which u get as v1.2, nowadays, v1.3, which I guess is where the stuffup comesfrom. So edit the qf, change the 1.1 to 1.2 (or 1.3)… worked 4 me!

  7. Chris Says:

    Thank you for your feedback, Conrad - that is very useful information!

  8. Gravatar Tomas Says:

    Thank You Conrad, work for me too

    Please note inside that qf file content this

    format: QF
    client_id: S2G_1.3 (before 1.1)

    I am using Map Loader 1.3, I change qf file from 1.1 to 1.3

    One more time

    Lot Tanks

  9. Gravatar Chris Says:

    Hi Conrad, just want to say thanks as editing the QF file work for me too, what a unbelievable “easy” fix. But too bad they dont allow to split up the US map as I am using a Dopod which only had 2GB of MicroSD :(

  10. Gravatar Freddyncalm Says:

    Thank you very much Conrad.
    A lot of blames for Nokia because didn’t advised clearly this problem with program versions in WM5.

    Also I had a problem with the line quota of “qf” file, when I changed to a bigger card (miniSDHC);
    It had a negative value. I calculated that number and when changed, the space left in Map Loader program appears to work fine.

  11. Gravatar Ian Says:

    Simply a ‘Thank You’ for this solution that does what it says on the tin.

  12. Gravatar Erik Says:

    Than you, Conrad!
    I have struggled with this for a time, and your solution worked perfectly!

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