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How to get DivX video onto the Nokia N95 - free DivXPlayer

DivXPlayer showing Tenacious D trailer - gersbo.dk Using the DIvX video format it becomes feasible to store several full length movies on the memory card of a mobile phone.

Watching DivX video clips on your mobile phone only requires the free DivXPlayer, available for both Windows Mobile, Symbian S60 (2nd og 3rd edition), Symbian UIQ and Palm OS.

This post shows how to download and install DivXPlayer on a Nokia N95.

DivXPlayer screenshot - gersbo.dk The DivX format is in widespread use because DivX encoded clips are good quality that does not take up much space. A standard 4.7 GB DVD can be turned into a less than 700 MB DivX file - in other words, what can be stored on a regular CD-ROM. The encoding, however, does not result in much loss of video or sound quality.

This means that if you are the lucky owner of a memory card with a capacity of more than a gigabyte or two, that card can store several DivX video clips of full feature film length. The DivX format is thus well suited for the mobile platform - the only missing component is a player - the N95's built in media player cannot handle the DivX format.

A such player is available in the form of DivXPlayer - and it is free!

Download and install DivXPlayer using the following steps:

  1. Menu at mobile.divx.com - gersbo.dkRegister at stage6.divx.com - it is free!
  2. Then go to mobile.divx.com/login and log in using the account just made - it is possible to perform this step directly on the phone.
  3. Download the appropriate DivXPlayer for your phone's OS.
  4. Transfer the installation file to you phone (providing you have downloaded on a computer) via Bluetooth or cable.
  5. Install DivXPlayer.

When DivXPlayer is installed, a special folder for DivX media is created - on my N95 this folder is located at '\Videoklip\DivXPlayer' on my phone's memory card. If you do not use a memory card, the folder is created in the phone memory.

Make sure to place DivX clips in this folder - if you do not, DivXPlayer will not be able to locate the clips.

DivXPlayer showing Tenacious D trailer - gersbo.dk

As can be seen in the above picture, DivXPlayer is capable of showing clips in full screen. Here is a couple of other screen shots of DivXPlayer. Under »Options« different settings pertaining to picture quality and so forth can be made.

DivXPlayer menu - gersbo.dk Browse files using DivXPlayer - gersbo.dk

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108 Responses to “How to get DivX video onto the Nokia N95 - free DivXPlayer”

  1. Gravatar deepak kr Says:

    its really very good

  2. Gravatar dandan Says:

    hi guys i cannot find a folder called ‘\Videoklip\DivXPlayer’ anywhere on my memory card ??

    any help with this ??



  3. Gravatar dandan Says:

    hi guys i installed on my n95 but no folder called ‘\Videoklip\DivXPlayer’ is anywhere on my phone,
    i put an avi in my videos folder and it plays but with no sound ???

    can you help


  4. Chris Says:

    Could the problem with the avi be that there is no sound in the clip? Have you tried playing it on a computer?

    Do you hear a »fanfare« as the DivXPlayer starts?

    The ‘\Videoklip\DivXPlayer’ folder is probably language specific since »videoklip« means »video clip« in Danish. Have you tried searching for the »DivXPlayer« folder?

    From the main menu go to »Tools« | »File Mgr.« | »Options« | »Search«. If I do so an enter »divx« as search string, it locates the ‘\Videoklip\DivXPlayer’ folder.

    Let me know if this works out for you!

  5. Gravatar Dave Says:

    Hi. Have the same problem. Have downloaded DivX with no problems both to my PC and N95 but I am unable to find a way to download from PC to my phone that gets it to play the clip. Have searched for the folder as Chris has said above but to no joy. DivX starts on to my fone to a great fanfare but obviously has nothing to play after! I have sent both by bluetooth and cable clips to my phone but they dont get recognised by the phones software due to it goes into the wrong folder. How do I download successfully from PC to my N95? Thank you for any help.
    PS/ Great website!!!

  6. Chris Says:

    Hi Dave - thanks for commenting.

    First, DivX files cannot be transferred using bluetooth because the OS does not recognize the file type. It’s a basic “flaw” of S60 and many people seem to want it fixed - see the S60 wishlist at s60.com. Files must be transferred by cable (or downloaded from websites).

    I already have DivXPlayer installed, so I cannot go back and recreate the problem you are having, but I think I have come up with something that might help you. I tried to move a movieclip away from the ‘DivXPlayer’ folder, which made it disappear from the playlist in DivXPlayer. I moved the file to the “My Videos” folder, located at the root of the memory card (I also have DivXPlayer installed on the memory card). I then opened DivXPlayer and selected “Menu” | “Browse files” | “Menu” | “Rescan file system”, which made the moved movieclip reappear on the playlist.

    So, try putting movieclips in the “My Videos” folder and rescan the file system from within DivXPlayer.

    Hope this helps!

  7. Gravatar dandan Says:

    hi guys iv sorted it out !
    i connected my n95 to the pc via the cable, then open up my phones mem card and put my avi files in the videos folder (not the my videos folder), then when i run divx player the fanfare starts then press menu,
    then click browse files and you should see the avi files listed,

    each time you add more avi files if they are not recognised when you click browse files you will prob need to click the option called re-scan file system & you newly added files will be added.

    hope this helps out !!


  8. Gravatar Dave Says:

    Thanks guys, that worked. Really appreciated that you got back so quick. Now to download more to my phone. Thanks again.

  9. Gravatar Brian Says:

    Hey, the operating system for my n95 is ‘Symbian OS 9.2, S60 rel. 3.1′ will any of the mentioned under symbian work fine?

  10. Chris Says:

    Hey Brian, yes it will. “Symbian OS 9.2, S60 rel 3″ is usually referred to as “S60 3rd edition” and the “.1″ means “Feature Pack 1″.
    That is probably more information than you need - bottom line is: just make sure to choose the “S60 3rd edt.” option when you get stuff for your N95.
    That is the fourth option at stage6.divx.com (see 3rd image from the top in the post above)

  11. Gravatar Brian Says:

    I have successfully installed the dvix player on my n95, I tried to play some random .avi files and an error saying codecs are missing, can you download these?

  12. Chris Says:

    @Brian: As far as I know, it is not possible to add codecs to the S60 player - you have to create the divx clips with the mobile player in mind. While I am preparing a post on precisely this topic, it is not finished yet. Maybe I can direct you to this other blog post?

  13. Gravatar Chang Says:

    hey guys for those who cannot find the ‘\Videoklip\DivXPlayer’ folder, try this out. I’ve tried it out and it works fine. After installing DivXPlayer, download smartmovie and install it. Smart movie creates a folder in movies (memory card) in the same name ’smartmovie’. Drag and drop avi files in this folder, u will be able to watch in divx player with more clarity and better sound.

  14. Chris Says:

    @Chang: I am not really sure, what it precisely is you are suggesting - the issue regarding the ‘\Videoklip\DivXPlayer’ folder has been resolved. So there is no need to install Smartmovie (another video player), or any other software.
    Are you suggesting to use Smartmovie instead or DivXPlayer?
    If so, that is a completely different issue. The Smartmovie player is not free, and the »free« bit was one of the points of this post…

  15. Gravatar James Says:

    Now how come when I play a video I can’t control the volume and it sounds like it’s going to blow the speakers out?

  16. Chris Says:

    @James: On my N95 I can control the volume in DivXPlayer using the navigation keys on the D-pad:
    When viewing a video in portrait mode, the »Up« and »Down« keys turn the volume up and down respectively.
    When in landscape mode, the »Right« and »Left« keys turn the volume up and down respectively.
    Can you do something similar?

  17. Gravatar James Says:

    Re. Oh yeah I would never had thought of that. Thanks a lot N95 ftw

  18. Gravatar Harold Says:


    I have triedusing File mgr to search for the folder, it did give me all the file such as divxplayer.exe etc, but not the location.

    I have also look for the “option” and “rescan file system”, but the left soft button for me is Options > Sort by, Refresh List, Settings, Divx.com, Help, Exit. Nothing called Rescan file system. Refresh list doesn’t help at all :(

  19. Chris Says:

    Hello, Harold - let me see, what I can do to help you…
    First of all, I am using DivXPlayer v0.88 on a Nokia N95 handset - if you have a different phone and/or different DivXPlayer version, your experience may be different.
    You can check what DivXPlayer version you have by choosing »Menu« (left soft key) | “About” from the main screen.
    If I select »Menu« (left soft key) a menu opens with »Browse files« as the first option. There is also a shortcut - simply press the »1« key on your keypad and the file browser opens. See this screenshot.
    From the file browser, I can then choose »Menu« (left soft key), which again opens a menu. The option »Rescan file system« is the forth option from the top. See this screenshot.
    Please check the version you are using and tell me, if you have the same menus.
    Cheers, chris

  20. Gravatar Casperuk Says:


    just installed this on my N95, i have no sound on the AVI files and no fanfare as Divx opens, what have i done wrong?


  21. Chris Says:

    @Casperuk: Have you tried turning up the volume? Scroll up a bit to one of my previous comments and see how to do so within DivXPlayer. Also, check if you have sound when playing a video (or music file)using the builtin player.
    Hope this helps…

  22. Gravatar Casperuk Says:

    thanks for getting back to me Chris.

    I have tried both of these.

    The AVI file plays fine if run off the memory card it has sound, just he divx player doesn’t, I’m running 0.89 if that makes any difference

  23. Chris Says:

    Just had a look in the DivX Mobile forum

    @Harold: I think you are using version 0.89. In this version, the v0.88 option - »Rescan File System« - has been renamed »Refresh list«.

    @Casperuk: The missing audio is likely caused by codec problems, which originate from the way the video file was encoded. Have a look at these forum posts: post #1 and post #2. Maybe this will help you sort out your problem…

  24. Gravatar black Says:

    thank s too much

  25. Gravatar Casperuk Says:

    thanks for that, used G-Spot, forgot all about it, it was an XViD file i was trying to play, it has MP3 audio though

  26. Gravatar alon Says:

    How to add subtitle to a movie in divxplayer?

  27. Chris Says:

    Hi alon, I am afraid the mobile DivXPlayer is not capable of picking up .srt, .sub or other subtitle files. If you want subtitles, these must be embedded within the video itself.

  28. Gravatar James E Says:

    Hi I tried to download Symbian OS S60 3rd Edition to my nokia n95 8gb but when I transfer the file using Nokia PC suite it says install then a few seconds later say that to contact the provider as ceritate error? Can anyone help as not the best IT person and just have films on divx on pc I was hoping to watch on phone?

    Thank you

  29. Chris Says:

    Hello James E, did you download the DivXPlayer from mobile.divx.com?

    See if any of these two fix your problem:

    1) Change the system date on the phone. Set the date back a year - install DivXPlayer - set date to correct year. To set date, go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Date and Time. If setting back the date one year does not work, try setting the date back a few months - something like 5 or 6 months.

    2) Turn off certificate validation. Tools > Settings > Applications > App. Manager then put ‘Software Installation’ to ‘ALL’ and ‘Online Certificate Check’ to ‘OFF’. You can turn it back on when you are done installing.

    I will appreciate, if you let me know if any of those two worked for you.


  30. Gravatar James E Says:

    excellent that worked I changed the date and the certificate check and I now have the application.
    A very stupid question how do I transfer the films directly into this folder?
    Thank you very much

  31. Chris Says:

    @James E: Great!

    You have to transfer the files by connecting your phone to a computer using the USB cable that came with the phone - see this previous comment. Drop a new comment if you are not familiar with using the cable.
    Once you have transferred the files to the phone, you must choose to »Refresh list« in the DivXPlayer menu.

  32. Gravatar ba33 Says:

    been trying to download mobile divx for awhile now and every time i lose connection when going to mobile.divx i have nokia n95 8gb so is there any way anybody could post a zip file … if allowed

  33. Gravatar ba33 Says:

    thanks mate!

  34. Chris Says:

    It is also possible to download from Nokia’s Mosh site - for instance here. Or just seach for ‘DivXPlayer’ on the front page…

  35. Gravatar savas Says:


    i have just installed divx player to mass storage on my n95 8gb

    It has isnatlled and is in applications …. ir runs oki too…

    problem is wont find any files…. tryed looking for divx folder and otehr but wont find anything of the sort…. in file manager searched for just divx and NOTHING

    can anybody please advice if the 3rd edition is working on N95 8GB?

    thanks in advance

  36. Chris Says:

    @savas: DivXPlayer is capable of discovering any divx clips on your phone - have you tried to select »Refresh list« in the DivXPlayer menu? A refresh makes DivXPlayer (re)scan the file system for clips.
    Are you absolutely sure you have clips on the phone?

  37. Gravatar ba33 Says:

    i have got divx player working fine now on nokia 8gb thanks to chris i put divx player in root folder so its easier to acces don’t know if that makes any difference.

  38. Gravatar Xusia of Delos Says:

    Thanks for your advice! I now have DivX running on my Nokia N95 8GB. No messing about resizing files! They just play perfectly on my phone, as they do on my PC.

    Now I can catch up with my favourite shows on my 75 minute commute into work. Thanks again.

  39. Gravatar Kav Says:

    Hi. I hope you can help. I bought this phone specifically for watching movies and am stuck. I have successfully downloaded the divx player. I am using Vista

    I am having problems getting the AVI files onto my N95. I am opening my phone’s memory card and attempting to drag the file into the Videos folder. Once dragged into the folder I get a message saying “Confirm File Copy” which basically says that the file is not supported for use on the device itself and may not be presented in the device user interface. When I click Yes to proceed, the file starts copying.

    The problem is that when the copy gets to 100%, it doesn’t finish. It stays stuck at 100% and the file isn’t transferred to the phone

    Please can anyone enlighten a very frustrated man? Thanks

  40. Chris Says:

    Hello Kav, I will be more than happy to help if I can. You write:

    “I am opening my phone’s memory card and attempting to drag the file into the Videos folder”

    Precisely how do you open the memory card? Do you connect the phone by cable? If so, which of the options (on the phone) do you choose? Media Player? PC Suite? Data Transfer? Image Print?

    The Data Transfer option is the right one to use, but I am afraid you will have to answer the above questions in order for me to help you further. Please provide answers in a new comment.

    Also, have you read through the previous comments? The issue of how to transfer .avi files to the phone has come up previously and maybe there is an answer to your problems?

  41. Gravatar Romane Says:

    Hi guys…
    I followed all your comments on Certificates…
    that is helpfull to install the soft, but when you reset the date to the correct one it is impossible tio run the soft…

    SO I know I could change the date each time I want to whatch a movie…but if you had a better option would be great !!!!

  42. Chris Says:

    @Romane: I have not experienced anything similar to what you are describing.
    - What phone are you installing on? The N95? Which variant?
    - Are you absolutely sure you have the most recent version of DivXPlayer (v0.89 - see this previous comment)?
    cheers Chris

  43. Gravatar Kav Says:

    Hi Chris

    Thanks a lot! You have solved my problem.

    I had selected PC Suite instead of Data Transfer. It works perfectly now. You are a legend!!!

    All the best

  44. Chris Says:

    @Kav: It’s all in a day’s work for bicycle repair-man…

  45. Gravatar BAAB Says:


  46. Gravatar boy1 Says:

    hey man .whats up.i register in stage6 but i cant login in divx website.please help me or send it please to my email vk_vangjo_91@hotmail.com.

    thanks bye bye

  47. Chris Says:

    @boy1: I have no problem logging on to mobile.divx.com/login - you should probably double check the username and password for the account you created.

  48. Gravatar chris Says:

    hi how do you get movies onto your phone to start with??
    thanks chris x

  49. Chris Says:

    @chris: If you do not know how to transfer video files onto your phone, please see this previous comment on this post. If you do not know how to create DivX clips that can be viewed using DivXPlayer, please see my post “Use SUPER to convert DivX video for your mobile”.
    Let me know if any of these two answers your question…
    Cheers Chris

  50. Gravatar Bob Says:

    hey chris,

    Thanks for a wonderful forum.Its been a gr8 help to me. I just have 2 problems:-

    1/ I dont get the start up and fanfare for divx on my phone but divxplayer works fine

    2/ Is it just me or does any one else have this problem…after playing a movie for 2 - 3 mins the audio lags behind the video, ive go into settings in divxplayer and chnged the A/V synch to -05 secs. But sill i getting the same problem !!.

    any ideas chris…

    cheers matey


  51. Chris Says:

    Hi Bob - glad you like the site!

    1) The startup splash screen + fanfare has been removed from recent DivXPlayer versions, so it is no wonder you do not see it ;-)

    2) The out-of-sync problem is probably caused by the way the video files were encoded and not by the player itself. This is most often the case.

  52. Gravatar Bob Says:

    Hi chris,

    1/ doh!! I should have known LoL

    2/ any way of fixing this lagging ?

    cheers Bob

  53. Chris Says:

    @Bob: Sorry about the late reply - been very busy at work. I am no expert when it comes to video, and the only way I know to fix problems with sound and image being out-of-sync, is to re-encode the original video files. If you have an original video file with in-sync sound and image, you for instance use SUPER to convert the video into a mobile friendly format - I have written an entry with step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

  54. Gravatar Penn Says:

    I successfully installed the divx player 0.89, not from divx.com. watch the movie with no problem but dont have sound for some of videos…?

    I am guessing the the divx player doesnt have some auido codec like AC3,

    If I install the latest version from Dvix.com is it gonna make any different??

  55. Gravatar Bob Says:

    hi chris, thanks for the advice, super works just great. I now can watch my fav shows on my nokia n95 8gb while i wait around in my black cab. keep up the fantastic work you do —Many thanks Bob

  56. Gravatar Rooster Says:

    Hiya , the movie i have put onto my n95 and am trying to play is on there i can open divx player and run the film but it seems to start to stutter after about 30seconds can you help me please chris :).


  57. Chris Says:

    @Rooster: Maybe your phone is running short on RAM? Have you tried closing other applications (if there are other applications running) to see if that helps?

  58. Gravatar h3r92 Says:

    hey……can i run subtitles (.srt,.sub,.idx) files using this thing

  59. Chris Says:

    @h3r92: I am afraid not

  60. Gravatar h3r92 Says:

    ok thx chris…..i tried with virtualdub merging an avi with srt file and converted it to a 3gp file

  61. Chris Says:

    @h3r92: I think that is the only way to go as the DivXPlayer is unable to “pick up” a separate .srt file. Note however, if you use DivXPlayer, there is no need to convert to .3gp (for playback using the builtin media player?) - the merged .avi should play just fine.

  62. Gravatar Andy Says:

    hi. i wonder if anyone can help. i have downloaded and installed divxplayer onto my n95 and have manage to get the films onto the phone. however when i try to play them the top bit of the screen is fine but the rest is pixelated. i have tried to change the setup on SUPER but have failed to get any improvement. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks

  63. Chris Says:

    Hi Andy, I think I came across the exact same problem today (weird coincidence, huh?) - please see this post and the images in it.

    Is that similar to what you are experiencing?

    If so, the post describes how to fix the problem.

  64. Gravatar David Says:

    I was so looking forward to using divx but when i open it, it closes 2 seconds after its opened. is there anyway of fixing that? or have I done something wrong?


  65. Gravatar David Says:

    ohhh i mean like, after its downloaded and installed to my phone etc (n95 8gb). it shows the files that i want on there, but just closes when i open it.


  66. Chris Says:

    Hi David, please excuse it has taken me this long to respond - I have been vacationing abroad.

    Do you mean DivXPlayer closes when you try to open a video clip? Can you elaborate a bit. What kind of clip are you trying to open? Have you tried one of the demo clips that come with DivXPlayer?

  67. Gravatar Stig Says:

    Hi.. Must I start off by saying that it is amazing that people like you can help us less informed/gifted people, hehe

    My problem is that my .90 version of the player can’t play sound. I’ve read semi-thorough through this thread, but it seems as if the “no-sound”-problem is mostly with the .89 version. What do I do?

    The videos play perfect, and the files are located. The sound is missing though.. I’ve tried to turn up the volume etc. and the demo has sound, so it must be the codecs or what? How do I fix this? The file is a regular .avi one..

    greetings, stig

  68. Gravatar Stig Says:

    I’ve just used “gSpot” to find out that my video file was a ac3 sound file. Ones with mp3 sound can play all good. Divx converter/dr.divx doesn’t seem to be able to convert the videos to mp3 sound. When putting the file into divx converter it says that my system has no sc3 filter… How do I get past this? How to get that filter?

  69. Chris Says:

    Hello Stig - thank you commenting, and for the kind words.

    Unfortunately, I am no wizard when it comes to video and audio file formats, encoders etc. Two suggestions:

    1. In this discussion of DivX Converter, someone writes:

    Problems? The mpeg encoder does not recoignize ac3 audio! But installing AC3 Filter solved that problem.

    So maybe by installing AC3Filter, your problem will be solved?

    2. I use a free program called ‘SUPER’ to convert video. I checked and SUPER claims to handle AC3 to MP3 conversion. Maybe you can convert your video and leave everything unchanged, except for the audio format?

    Let me know if any of this works out for you.

  70. Gravatar Stig Says:

    Well.. It worked sorta!

    Now with a ac3 filter installed I can encode them via divx converter and play all the AVI’s , BUT… For some reason all my videos seems to lose pace(!). The picture keeps on going in the right speed (almost), but the sound gets slower and slower and unsynched. It resets if I fast forward or backwards a few secs, or even if I pause the video.

    Have you heard of this sync-problem before? Can’t figure out whether it might be a encoding problem or a player problem. Or both(!)..?

    (I use .90 version)

    Thank you in advance..

  71. Chris Says:

    Ok, kind of halfway there, then ;-)

    I have experienced this problem myself, but I do not know for sure what causes it. According to this discussion thread, possible causes are:

    - Difference in codec between encoder and player
    - Crappy encoding of the original video
    - Different video and audio frame rate

    Please see this other thread (comment #2) for how to fix this problem.

    Again, I am no wizard and I hope someone more knowledgeable will see this and step up to the plate … anyone?

  72. Gravatar Stig Says:

    Problem with virtualdubmod is that it makes a file fill over 1000% more than before. A video that was 176 mb before now is 19GB, thus making it quite useless for mobile usage :D

    I guess finding a program that can fix the playing of audio and video rates is the way to go..

  73. Chris Says:

    I really think you should take a look at ‘SUPER’ (see link in my comment above) - I think it is able to sort you out (and SUPER does not generate bloated files)

  74. Gravatar Stig Says:

    I found that “virtualdubmod” can sync audio and video by following the instructions and using direct stream.. It saves the file in the correct size etc etc etc.

    Now my problem is that it cracks.. All videos crack after 10-20 secs.. slower and slower more and more cracking. Like a old walkman going out of batteries… :(

    It is not easy making this work, eh?..

  75. Gravatar Stig Says:

    Okay.. Getting VERY close now..

    I have downloaded and installed SUPER, and succesfully converted a 176 video file, it now fills about 1/3 of that. (62 mb)

    Audio plays 100% accurate, and the picture and sound are 100% in sync.

    Now, however, a new problem has risen. When the 62mb SUPER file is played, it has about 50 squares on the buttom half of the screen. The squares are flying around and changing colors depending on the video picture..

    Experienced that before?

  76. Gravatar Stig Says:

    The actual file can be played in WMP11 and DivX player on my PC no problems. (perfect condition)

    So only problem is these squares..
    Looks almost like graphic card issues in a video games..

  77. Gravatar Stig Says:

    Ok… When using ffmpeg instead of MEncoder it works.

    Only tiny little problem now is that 320-240 doesn’t seem to fit 100%.. The picture is stretched a bit. The persons are thinner and taller, so a horisontal problem :D

    Closer and closer and closer, eh?

  78. Gravatar Henry Says:

    There is still one thing I don’t get. Am i suppose to download the Divx file onto my computer then copy and paste it into my n95 or haf the raw file tats not inside my computer be put into my n95? I tried putting divx into my n95 and also left a divx file movie with it but i cant find it even when i tried to search for it in all files. Where am i exactly suppose to put it after i click data transfer?

  79. Chris Says:

    Henry, I am not sure I understand you completely. To play back a DivX video file on your phone, your need to:

    1. Install DivXPlayer Mobile on your phone, as described in the post above. After installation, you will find the application as ‘DivX Player’ in the ‘Programs’ menu.

    2. Transfer a DivX video file on to your phone. You do this by connecting your phone to a PC using the USB cable - select the ‘Data Transfer’ mode on the phone. Copy a video file from the PC into a some folder on the phone.

    3. Disconnect the phone and open the video file in DIvXPlayer. If you have installed the most recent version of DivXPlayer - 0.90 - it will find any video files on your phone by itself. If you have installed an older version, you have to seach for video files from within DivXPlayer - select »Refresh list« in the DivXPlayer menu.

    Hope this helps

  80. Gravatar clark Says:

    Why doesn’t the divx player support dolby AC3 codecs? When I load an avi with AC3 sound, I can’t hear anything, there’s no sound.

  81. Chris Says:

    @Clark: I have no idea and it is probably something you should ask DivX, Inc - the developers of DivXPlayer Mobile.
    I just know sound needs to be .mp3.

  82. Gravatar Stig Says:

    Well Clark, simply installing a AC3 filter will do..

    Then run it through SUPER, and fit the file to match your phone :D

    My Nokia N95 uses 352*240 (3:2) 15 fps and ffmpeg coding to be able to play sound and match the screen. (rest of the settings are as written in the guide here)

  83. Gravatar chandrasekhar Says:

    hi it seems to be gret
    the site rocks

  84. Gravatar Stig Says:

    I actually have a problem now.. Some Movie clips tend to have bad sync all of a sudden. An episode of “According to Jim” for instance can have +0,00 to begin with, and have -1,30 secs in the middle.

    I use SUPER, so something is wrong…

  85. Gravatar Appaz Says:

    Hi could any one help me i am trying to put the div x on my n95 black but every time i try to install it, it sayes file courupt on my mobile can any one help please as when i watch a movie on my mob through the movie installer that comes with the phone i only get to watch 35 min and the picture freezes but the sound continues i need some help many thanks

  86. Chris Says:

    Hey Appaz, have you tried downloading a new installation file? If not, do so from labs.divx.com.

    Maybe the file you are trying to install really is corrupt? Worth a shot…

  87. Gravatar Appaz Says:

    its still the same keeps saying file corrupt and i have tryed several differnt downloads any other idears i would be greatfull thanks

  88. Chris Says:

    I searched for ‘S60 file corrupt’ and it seems you could try doing a hard reset, but there is no guarantee it will work - please see “How To: FIX Nokia S60 3rd Edition “File Corrupted” error when installing applications”.

  89. Gravatar Appaz Says:

    or could any one please tell me how to watch a full film on my mob with out it crashing or can you tell me why it is crashing has any one had the same problem if so how did you get round it

  90. Gravatar Appaz Says:

    just to let you know i have sorted it i had to full,y restore and update but got there in the end thanks very much for your help

  91. Chris Says:

    Good to know and I am glad you got it sorted!

  92. Gravatar Mike Says:

    Hi, i try to open Divx on my computer and it opens fine. But when i go to open a video clip (.mov) the program closes automatically. it used to work and all of a sudden it started doing this. i reinstalled it, didnt work. any tips?

  93. Gravatar Appaz Says:

    you may have a corrupt file on it just like what i did. it was working fine them all ov a sudden it would not work try a marster reset then reinstulation it worked fine for me but the only downfall is that you have to start again and evey think will be delited ie messages and contacts so back them up beforehand but i can comfurm that it will solvre your problem…

  94. Gravatar anand Says:

    Hi, i have gone throu this. I have n95 8gb. i’ve installed divx player version0.91.
    i transfer one .avi file through ‘data transfer’. i could see the divx player on my mobile. it has two demo files. but i couldn’t see the transfered file. i have searched those file. but couldn’t locate them.could you reply


  95. Chris Says:

    Hello anand,

    The DivX Player should be able to detect any DivX compatible video files you transfer to the phone. The player usually auto-detects new files, but you can also make it look for new files by choosing “Refresh List” in the main menu.

    Seems to me there are two possible reasons why your file does not show up:

    1) The file is not DivX compatible. Have you tried playing the file in another DivX player (e.g. on your PC)? Can you play back the demo files?

    2) The file has not been transferred to the phone. Can you locate the file using the S60 file manager (main menu | “Tools” | “File mgr.”)?

  96. Gravatar Duncan Says:

    will it play wmv files?

  97. Chris Says:

    No, just DivX

  98. Gravatar musajan Says:

    it,s very good

  99. Gravatar gopal Says:

    please say how to find vedio clip\dvix folder

  100. Gravatar Dave Says:

    When I transfer a film (either a .AVI or one thats been put thru DivX convertor) the film is in letterbox format. I’m guessing this is the original format of the film (so that it appears like in the cinema) but with such a small screen on the N95 8GB it only uses about a third of the actual screen. Is there anyway to enlarge (I am already showing in full screen mode) or is there something I should be looking out for when transfering the file to the phone…? Cheers…

  101. Chris Says:

    Hello Dave,

    I take it you by “letterbox format” is referring to a widescreen format that has been adopted to fit a 4:3 aspect ratio?

    I have just checked a couple of movies that I have on my phone and none of them are in letterbox format, despite being movies in widescreen. When I play them back using the DivX Mobile Player they fill out the display (in full screen mode).

    I use SUPER to convert DivX video for my N95 and maybe this explains why I have no problem with letterboxed video? Take a look on my post on converting video using SUPER - in the post I list all the settings I use for converting video into a “mobile-friendly” format.

  102. Gravatar musajan Says:

    @Casperuk: Have you tried turning up the volume? Scroll up a bit to one of my previous comments and see how to do so within DivXPlayer. Also, check if you have sound when playing a video (or music file)using the builtin player.
    Hope this helps…

  103. Gravatar kongbrai Says:

    sir i have installed the divx mobile player in my nokia N95 8GB but i m not able to download any divx or avi file in my phone.whenever i tried to download a divx or avi file there is always a sign coming up on my screen which is written as ‘not supported’. Can plz fix this one for me ..thank u

  104. Gravatar Syed Awsiya Hassan Says:

    Hi Guys. There is some problem. It runs slowly and in instalements on N95

  105. Gravatar rockey Says:

    i had downlode divx for n73but when i go to conver the movies in my pc by useing divx converter the file does not show’s in the folder can u help me out

  106. Gravatar vinod manmode Says:

    How to add subtitle to a movie in divxplayer?

  107. Gravatar Roche Says:

    hey guys. Is it possible to play a “DAT file” on divx mobile player? i have converted it using SUPER and it picks up on the divx plyer on my phone but wen i play it the sound is perfect but the picture is made up of squares moving all the time and i cant see the movie,the two demo’s play perfect with sound and pic. Am i converting it wrong or cant the player just play it?
    (im using ver 0.92)

  108. Gravatar B. Ruwan chandana Says:

    N95 phone video player

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