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Why not use your mobile phone as a wireless webcam?

WWIGO can be used with Skype and othe IM apps - gersbo.dk For some time I have been using a free program that enables me to use my mobile phone as a wireless webcam. The program is called WWIGO - Webcam Wherever I GO - and all you need to use it is a compatible handset; a Windows computer; and a very basic knowledge of using bluetooth.

Did I mention it is completely free?

I am pretty psyched about this - it is such a clever application and it is really only the imagination that limits the potential ways in which it can be used. WWIGO can of course be used for video conferencing - e.g. with Skype, MSN Windows Live Messenger and such. But what is keeping you from using the phone as a wireless surveillance camera? Maybe with some additional webcam software? WWIGO works with several older phone models so it is not like you need to have the latest gear to use it. Besides these applications, WWIGO can also be used to record video directly on the computer, using the phone's camera.

Regardless of application, using the mobile instead of a "regular" webcam has several benefits. First, there is no longer any reason to keep a webcam in your bag because you always bring your mobile, right? This may seem a bit exaggerated, but if you are both a road warrior and a gadget man even a minor reduction of the amount of gadgets carried is worth considering. Second, no more annoying cables - you do not have to carry them or be restricted by them.

Here is a short walk-through of how to install and use WWIGO:

Install WWIGO

WWIGO has two parts: one part that installs on the mobile and another part that installs on the computer. The computer part only works with Windows and is actually rumoured not to work with Vista. The computer and the mobile part connect wirelessly via bluetooth and WWIGO supports bluetooth stacks from Widcomm, Microsoft and Toshiba.

  1. Install the PC part.
    WWIGO install wizard - gersbo.dkWWIGO install wizard - gersbo.dkWWIGO install wizard - gersbo.dk
    WWIGO install wizard - gersbo.dkWWIGO install wizard - gersbo.dk
  2. During installation, tick off "Transfer Mobile Application to phone".
    WWIGO transfer application to mobile - gersbo.dk
  3. Pick your phone in the list of nearby bluetooth units.
    WWIGO transfer application to mobile - gersbo.dk
  4. The phone part of WWIGO is then transferred to the mobile where it pops up in the inbox.
    WWIGO transfer application to mobile - gersbo.dk
  5. FInally, install WWIGO on the mobile from the inbox.

To test the WWIGO installation, try using WWIGO's stand-alone program on the computer. Also use this program to record video directly on the computer.

  1. Locate the 'WWIGO' shortcut in your "Start"-menu and launch the application on the computer.
  2. WWIGO will display a black screen with the text 'Not Connected'.
    WWIGO PC client not connected - gersbo.dk 
  3. Start WWIGO on the mobile.
    WWIGO splash screen on the mobile - gersbo.dk 
  4. When WWIGO is up and running on the mobile, the camera image is displayed.
    WWIGO client on mobile started, shows camera image - gersbo.dk 
  5. Choose "Options" | "Connect" on the mobile and then select your computer in the list of bluetooth units:
    WWIGO mobile client connects to computer - gersbo.dkWWIGO mobile client - select bluetooth unit to connect with - gersbo.dk 
  6. Once the bluetooth connection has been established the mobile camera image is displayed on the computer.
    WWIGO computer client connected displays image from mobile camera - gersbo.dk

Adjust WWIGO

  1. Select "Options" | "Settings" on the mobile.
    WWIGO mobile client settings - gersbo.dk

WWIGO can use both cameras on my N95 (VGA cam on front and main 5mp cam), but unfortunately it restricts the picture size to 176×144 pixels, regardless of which camera is used.

Use WWIGO with Skype

WWIGO can be used with most IM clients and it can also record video directly on a web site like YouTube, Facebook or twango.

  1. Start Skype og select "Tools" | "Options".
  2. Start WWIGO on the mobile and choose "connect".
  3. Select 'wwigo' as webcam in Skype and click the "Test Webcam" button.
    WWIGO select WWIGO as webcam in Skype - gersbo.dk
  4. At first "Not Connected" is displayed and when the mobile connects, the mobile camera image comes on.
    WWIGO Skype not connected - gersbo.dkWWIGO Skype connected, camera image displayed - gersbo.dk

WWIGO offers for free the same functionality as several commercial products, e.g. Mobiola Web Camera. WWIGO can be used with a lot of Symbian S60 3rd edition handsets - go to motvik.com to see the full list. This is WWIGO's own list of compatible handsets, but I get the feeling that this list is not exhaustive. In the WWIGO forum there are several reports from users that run WWIGO on handsets not listed, for instance the Nokia E50 or E65 - the list has been updated since I started writing this post.

Link: Download WWIGO fra motvik.com

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24 Responses to “Why not use your mobile phone as a wireless webcam?”

  1. Gravatar Kim Rosgaard Says:

    Cool artikel! Det skal HELT bestemt prøves med min Nokia N73 :)

  2. Chris Says:

    Hej Kim - tak for din kommentar. Jeg kan kun anbefale WWIGO. Indlægget her findes også i en dansk udgave på min anden blog: mobilmag.dk. Sammesteds har en kollega skrevet om SmartCam - et open source program, der kan noget af det samme.

  3. Gravatar Ubuntu Linux Says:

    That’s all very well and good and is something I really want. But, how to do this using Linux? Windows is yuck! I use Ubuntu Linux.

  4. Chris Says:

    @Ubuntu Linux: Well, the WWIGO application is strictly Windows, but I know of a couple of articles that address the issues of using a S60 phone with Linux.
    This article is specifically about using a N95 with Ubuntu (Gutsy Gibbon).
    This other article is about Linux and S60 in general.

  5. Gravatar Moni Says:

    Iam trying to connect N81 through BT to laptop ,it shows “BT error:service Discovery failed please PC application.”Can you please guide how can i Resolve this problem

  6. Chris Says:

    Hi Moni, the error you quote indicates your problem is not specific to WWIGO (or your N81), but to your laptop bluetooth device in general. It appears your laptop bluetooth device either has problems discovering services on other devices, or problems making its own services accessible to other devices.
    I found this thread in the WWIGO forum - the problem discussed looks similar to your problem.
    Also, take a look at this support article from Microsoft - it covers in detail how to configure and trouble shoot bluetooth devices on Windows.

    Hope some of this helps you make things work - if not, write back.

  7. Gravatar Hamza Says:

    iam tryin to get webcam on maa nokia 6085
    will it work

    hit bakk

  8. Chris Says:

    Hi Haamza,

    The WWIGO webcam application unfortunately does not work with your 6085 phone, since WWIGO only works with Series 60 (S60) phones, and the 6085 is a Series 40 (S40) phone.
    You might try Mobiola Webcam Lite - it is not free, but because it is a Java ME application, it may work with the 6085.

  9. Gravatar octav Says:

    hi guys
    before i’d like to ask, is it possible to use the cam of my nokia n95 8gb when i talking via skype from my phone (i use program Fring) to another user on PC, i menn to see the same like pc to pc via skype, bcase this program Fring don’n give option for that

  10. Gravatar raman Says:

    I installed wwigo on both laptop and mobile but when i try to connect its says “toshiba bluetooth configuration error Refer to help” and again it says FATAL ERROR: Registy load Failure.
    and solution.
    My bluetooth is working perfect on both my N95 8gb and my dell laptop but couldn’t connect to each other.
    Any assistance will b e highly appreciated

  11. Chris Says:

    Hi Raman, I think your problem has to do with the way the PC part of WWIGO detects your laptop’s bluetooth capabilities.

    By searching the WWIGO forum, I found a person reporting the exact same error message, and how he fixed it. Apparently it has something to do with remains of a previous Toshiba BT stack in the registry.

    If that does not fix your problem, maybe reading this thread or this thread will. Both forum threads concern problems that appear similar to what your are describing.

    Best of luck!

  12. Gravatar varun varshney Says:

    does wwigo work with vista…?? if yes then are there any different settings to be made??

  13. Gravatar sagnik chakravarty Says:

    is there any software that could turn my nokia 2600 classic into a webcam???

  14. Chris Says:

    @sagnik chakravarty: Take a look at this, previous comment - I think it is your best bet…

  15. Gravatar sagnik chakravarty Says:

    well this doesnt work for the nokia clasic 2600. can you recommend me some other way?

  16. Gravatar Shirish Says:

    Im using wwigo on PC and nokia 6600 with IVT Bluesoliel.the instaltion was perfect on PC and cell and my cell detects the PC also but when i press connect on PC,it gives an error….service discovery failed and on my PC it gives and error..Filter initialization failed.ERROR 02.Please tell me what to do?

  17. Gravatar Karthikeyan Dasu Says:


    1. I followed the first 5 steps, worked well
    2. Next I transferred the files to my mobile with the help of Bluetooth.
    3. When i proceeded to install the WWIGO from the message inbox, it throw a message saying that the “certificate expired”

    Can you please let me knowif there are any workaround/fix for this? FYI..i am using N73.



  18. Gravatar Ravi Says:


    I have tried a number of times but the error of Expired certification is still there.
    After I changed the date to 01/07/2007, it shows “Either the certification has expired or the phone time setting is incorrect:

    Please tell me how to install on phone

  19. Gravatar Ravi Says:


    I have tried a number of times but the error of Expired certification is still there.
    After I changed the date to 01/07/2007, it shows “Either the certification has expired or the phone time setting is incorrect:

    Please tell me how to install on phone. I am using N95. S60 V3.0

  20. Gravatar Michael Horne Says:

    Thanks for the quick-guide on getting it to work on Skype - a great help :-)

  21. Gravatar shaikh Says:

    hey chris can u tell any other software for s40 mobiles?
    mobiolo also dusnt works on s40’s

  22. Gravatar shiva Says:

    Thanks for the quick-guide on getting it to work on Skype - a great help

  23. Gravatar Alvster Says:

    Will this work if i dont have bluetooth connection on my pc??

  24. chris Says:

    @Alvster: No, WWIGO only works using bluetooth

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