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DivX Mobile Player lets you play back DivX video on the Nokia 6220 Classic

DivX Mobile Player - DivX video on your Nokia 6220 Classic - gersbo.dk
DivX Mobile Player supports full screen play back.

I have written about the DivX Mobile Player in the past and this is really just a recap - to point out that the Mobile Player works really well with the 6220C.

There are other video players available, but one of the strong selling points for the Mobile Player is that it is absolutely free.

Getting hold of - and installing - the DivX Mobile Player is really simple and can be done using sideloading (download using a PC and transfer from the PC to the handset using cable or Bluetooth), or directly using the handset browser.

Here is how:


  1. Go to mobile.divx.com/divx on your PC and download the application - for the 6220C your need the Symbian OS S60 3rd Edition version.
  2. Transfer to handset using cable:
    1. Connect your 6220C to the PC using the USB cable that came with the handset.
    2. Transfer the installation file ('DivXPlayer.sisx') from the PC onto the handset's memory card. Choose to put it in a place where you can find it again.
    3. Disconnect the handset from the PC.
    4. Start the file manager on the handset - Menu | Settings | Data Mgr. | File Mgr. - and browse to where you put the installation file in step 2a.
    5. Click the file to start the installation.
  3. Transfer to handset using Bluetooth:
    1. Enable bluetooth on the 6220C.
    2. On your PC, open the folder where you downloaded the installation file to.
    3. Right click the file and choose "Send to" - choose bluetooth - select your 6220C (this assumes you have bluetooth configured properly on your PC, and that your PC and 6220C is paired).
    4. The installation file arrives on the handset as a message - open the message to start the installation.
DivX Mobile Player settings.

Direct download on handset

Start the handset browser and open m.divx.com - the site will guide you through downloading the appropriate DivX Mobile Player version.

After installation

Once the DivX Mobile Player has been installed there are a number of settings that can be tweaked - among these how to rotate the display when viewing videos full screen - see image to the right. Note that pressing the '*' key toggles full screen mode on/off in DivX Mobile Player.

If you have some video files you would like to play back using DivX Mobile Player on your 6220C you can convert these files to the DivX format using the free PC application, 'SUPER'.

If you need to transfer video files from a PC to your handset, just use the USB cable (bluetooth is probably too slow for this, but can be used if necessary). Put the video files in a folder on the memory card and DivX Mobile Player will automagically locate them when it is launched next.

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  1. Gravatar Nokia Daily News 06/28/07 | Nokia Daily News Says:

    [...] Gersbo.dk - Using DivX and SuperC with the 6220c [...]

  2. Gravatar rickyms Says:

    I install successfully
    bu no hear voice,,why?


  3. Gravatar Cheeto Says:

    In my 6220, the app does not open. It just has the option to uninstall.
    What’s happening? Can you help me?

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