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Nokia 6220 Classic camera delivers kick-ass image quality!

Nokia 6220 Classic sample image - gersbo.dk
Image captured using the macro mode - click image to see larger version on flickr.

It should be no surprise to me (since the 6220C camera is identical to the camera of both the N95 and N82), but I would still like to draw attention to the crispness of images produced by the 6220C.

I also know I should really use some other images than my own since I am such a lousy photographer. Still, even despite my n00b point 'n' click photography style, I think the image quality is evident in the images in this post…

You be the judge!

Nokia 6220 Classic sample image - gersbo.dk
"A Scotsman on a horse"
Nokia 6220 Classic sample image - gersbo.dk
My brother, who just won an important soccer match (and yet does not smile!)
Nokia 6220 Classic sample image - gersbo.dk
My daughter on a swing
Nokia 6220 Classic sample image - another macro shot - gersbo.dk
Nokia 6120 Classic - look at the screen: not a single scratch!
Nokia 6220 Classic sample image - gersbo.dk

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10 Responses to “Nokia 6220 Classic camera delivers kick-ass image quality!”

  1. Gravatar WOM World / Nokia » Blog Archive - 6220 5 mega-pixel camera Says:

    [...] has been really putting the 6220 through its paces. In his latest post he has put up a pretty thorough gallery of images taken with the 5mega-pixel Carl Zeiss lens, Xenon flash [...]

  2. Gravatar pete Says:

    Wow, a 5mp camera phone! Man, I need to get a hold of one of these for a few weeks. The image quality is amazing. Thanks for posting multiple examples, regardless of the subject matter. :)

  3. Gravatar Yly Says:

    Great! I have a 6120c (sort of crappy camera) and found out that if I wait before shooting and image the white-balance gets better, especially when taking pictures with lots of grass.. It seems the 6220c has the same violet-ish-tint in those shots with the horse and the cows. When the WB is correct, the images are a lot better! (Liek, thousand times more better =)

  4. Gravatar Thomas Says:

    Hi, great pics! thanks! Do you think you can post a few comparison pics between the 6220 and an N95/N82? I can’t decide between the N82 or the 6220 so I’ve decided I’ll pick the one with the best camera. Thanks!

    Also, how fast is the 6220 at navigating the menu’s? Is it as fast as the N82?

  5. Chris Says:

    I will try to post some comparison pics - but I cannot make any promises.

    Here is a very thorough review of the 6220C - including comparison pics between 6220C and the SE C902. The review also goes into great detail concerning GPS and Nokia Maps - I noticed your other comment.

    With regards to how “snappy” menu navigation is on the 6220C - the answer is that it varies. Applications like “Messaging” start lightening fast - opening the inbox is much faster on the 6220C compared to the N82. On the other hand navigating to say, the “Settings” menu is faster on the N82. I use both a 6120C, N95, N82 and the 6220C and in general, I do not think the 6220C is significantly slower than the N82.

  6. Chris Says:

    I managed to find the time to post some comparison pictures taken with the 6220C, N82 and N95.

  7. Gravatar Photos taken with Nokia 6220 classic 5 mega pixel camera | Says:

    [...] photo samples taken with the 5 mega pixel camera on Nokia 6220 classic. You can find more photos here Related Posts On Daily Mobile New Sony Ericsson With 7 Mega pixel [...]

  8. Gravatar Moiz Says:

    Hi! Thanks for the camera results, so appreciated..! one of my friend told me about this Nokia 6220 Classic, so i thought i should gooogle it myself.. great quality of images.. i think i should get this awesome mobile before someone gets it.

  9. Gravatar Damitha Says:

    I Have 6220c. Its image quality is excellent. I like that 5MP camera….. I love 6220 classic..

  10. Gravatar carl Says:

    hey im also usin a 6220c.at da moment im browsing this web site 4m it.this hs a cool fine 5mp camara.guys this is a cool toy 2 use.

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