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Best to use FFmpeg with SUPER and DivXPlayer Mobile v.0.90

DivXPlayer_Mobile_MEncoder - Share on Ovi
Video encoded using SUPER was garbled like this when played back on DivXPlayer Mobile.

I encountered a strange problem today as I was gearing up for an upcoming vacation trip abroad.

I was converting some video files into "mobile friendly" format using SUPER, the free video converter, but the converted video was completely garbled (pixelated) (see screenshot to the right), when I played them back in DivXPlayer Mobile. It is strange because I used the exact same settings, I always use with SUPER.

In short, a way to fix the problem is to switch to the FFmpeg encoder (from within SUPER) - instead of using the MEncoder, as I for instance state in my guide to SUPER (please refer to this guide to see how to switch to FFmpeg).

DivXPlayer_Mobile_FFmpeg - Share on Ovi
Switching to the FFmpeg encoder solved the problem.

I have no idea why using MEncoder with SUPER generates garbled output, or why using FFmpeg does not. I am not even sure, if SUPER/MEncoder is the problem, or if the problem is actually DivXPlayer Mobile? This uncertainty stems from the fact I am using all new versions of both applications.

Just for the record, I use SUPER v2008.build.32 and DivXPlayer Mobile v.0.90.

But it seems I am not the only one who has encountered this problem. By a strange coincidence, someone left a comment today describing what appears to be the same problem. Weird!

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4 Responses to “Best to use FFmpeg with SUPER and DivXPlayer Mobile v.0.90”

  1. Chris Says:

    I have just tried some videos I converted using SUPER a long time ago - using these settings, i.e. the MEncoder. They play just fine in DivXPlayer Mobile v.0.90.

    Seems the problem has something to do with the updated version of SUPER - maybe because of updates to the encoders?

  2. Gravatar quicho Says:

    I just downloaded Super(c) b33. I encountered this problem with MEncoded XviD files on three non computer players.

  3. Gravatar quicho Says:

    But it just plays OK on more PC players.

  4. Gravatar Manav Says:

    yes switching to ffmpeg player solved the problem…i think this is due to the new version of divx player!

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