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Nokia 6220 Classic Macro Madness

Is it a spider, or a daddy-longleg?

If you are new to the 6220C's 5 megapixel camera - here is a tip: try the 'macro' mode - you will love it!

Using the macro mode enables you to capture motifs extremely close up - I have really come to love the macro feature on my N95 and thankfully, it works just as well on the 6220C. The pictures in this post were all taken using the macro mode.

The macro mode is enabled from within the camera application - like this:

Select the A icon in the camera application active toolbar to access camera scene modes - gersbo.dk
Select the 'A' icon in the camera application's
active toolbar to access camera scene modes.
Select the close-up mode to use the macro feature - gersbo.dk
Select the close-up mode to use the
macro feature.
Spider/daddy-longleg from a different angle
Flowers outside my house.

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7 Responses to “Nokia 6220 Classic Macro Madness”

  1. Gravatar Daniel Says:

    Stellar quality! Am really impressed by it.

  2. Gravatar Patrick Says:

    Handled the 6220C in O2 shop this morning. Only observation is it feels oddly light to handle which should be a good thing but feels weird - I guess others have commented on its “plasticky” nature which I take to refer to this aspect.

    Having said that these picture have convinced me this is the convergence phone for me subject to one last issue

    Can the 6220C run Mail for Exchange?

    If so Nokia get my £279 tomorrow.

  3. Chris Says:

    Hi Patrick,
    Glad you like the pictures - I am very happy about the 6220C’s camera performance myself.

    Mail for Exchange should work on the 6220C. I have not tried it myself, but the Nokia Mail for Exchange download site lists the 6220C as compatible.

  4. Gravatar Patrick Says:


    Thanks for reply.

    Order placed fingers crossed phone with me prior to weekend.

    I’m reckoning this will be the perfect companion to my HP iPaq 214 which I’ve been using as a laptop replacement based on a lot of my stuff now residing up in the clouds. This should fill a gap when I need to get online with the 214 but haven’t got WiFi in range - bluetooth between phone and PDA should settle matters.

    Geotagging of photos (plus its obvious quality of image) means I can now consign my trusty digital camera to the bottom of a drawer for only the occasional outing. Added bonus of FM radio in phone. What more does anybody need!

    Two gadgets to rule them all.

  5. Gravatar Thomas Says:

    Also, how’s the GPS feature like? Is it usable in a car? Thanks!

  6. Chris Says:

    @Thomas: That is difficult to say, really - I guess it depends on your personal preferences. The 6220C comes with Nokia Maps 2.0, which features many improvements compared to earlier versions. I have used Nokia Maps when traveling - also while driving in a car, but I do not use a car-mounted navigation device on an everyday basis.

    So, I do not have any experience getting and installing a car mount (I know you can get them), planning routes etc. Here is a few pointers on getting started with Nokia Maps.

    Note that Nokia uses a license scheme that differs somewhat from those of other navigation systems. For Nokia Maps, the map data is free, but functionality like drive-by-turn directions etc., requires paying for a license.

  7. Gravatar Nokia Video Reviews Says:

    No doubt Nokia is the best cell phone company.

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