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I have updated my N95 to new firmware rev. 30.0.015

11-09-2008 - Share on Ovi
After the upgrade.

I know I am a little late reporting this, but the rumor about a new firmware revision being in the works for the original Nokia N95 (aka N95-1) were true.

The new v30.0.015 firmware was released about a week ago.

I did not manage to find time to actually perform the upgrade until a few days ago, but I would like to share a few observations.

Regrettably, none of the items on my wish list for the next N95 firmware upgrade are included in the 30.0.015 revision. So, no UDP; no Destinations; and no support for geotagging.

In fact, the 30.0.015 firmware is not bringing a whole lot of new stuff to the table. Most noteworthy are probably the addition of automatic display rotation, and the improvements in startup time, camera image quality and power consumption (specifically WiFi). The rest of the changes made in the new firmware are mostly minor error corrections and improvements, all of which are most appreciated, but nothing earth shattering.

I have dug out a changelog from the blog "PDA4X.com":

  • auto rotate screen installed
  • Nokia Maps 2.0 installed(build 2602) - but a more recent build version (3204) is available from maps.nokia.com.
  • Nokia Search 4.0 installed
  • Share Online 3.0 installed(from 07.08) - but a more recent build version (23.08) is available from Nokia's Sharing & Blogging site.


  • New features: (New Features)
    • Maps 2.0 (g Pedestrian navigation, traffic info, Multimedia city guides, satellite imagery) (2.0 preinstalled Maps)
    • Full N-Gage (final version of N-Gage)
    • Nokia Search 4.0 with Google plug-in (Nokia Search 4.0 with Google plug-integrated)
    • Share on Ovi (Share Online 3.0)
    • Enablers for "Comes With Music" (enabled Comes with Music)
    • Mosh & Ovi Bookmarks added to Browser (added bookmarks Mosh and OVI in the browser)


  • Changes / Improvements: (changes / improvements)
    • Download! application updated (v 3.1.50) (updated the application downloads!)
    • New baseline for Startup settings (new references for applications that are starting automatically)
    • New baseline / upgrade to Music Player (updates the music player)
    • Baseline update for Flashlite3 (improved viewing of sites likeYouTube) (updates the reader flash to improve compatibility with themovies Youtube
    • Current consumption improvements (for eg WLAN scanning) (improvements in battery life)
    • New baseline for VoIP (with significant error corrections) (new references for VoIP)
    • General error corrections (correcting errors generics)

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