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How to conserve battery power using Y-Profile Scheduler for S60

Y-Profile Scheduler - Splash screen - gersbo.dk

As a part of my effort to conserve battery power – and thus optimize battery life – on my mobile, I switch my mobile to the ‘Offline’ profile every night.

I used to do so manually – switching to ‘Offline’ every night, and then back again to ‘General’ every morning. I am sure there is something to be said for manual labour, but in this case, I really could do without – especially since I use more than one mobile phone (hey, who doesn't?).

Well, thanks to Jukka Silvennoinen’s Y-Profiler Scheduler I now can.

As the name suggests, Y-Profile Scheduler enables you to set up schedules for automatic switching between profiles – the application is really simple to set up and works really well.

How to set up Y-Profile Scheduler

Real simple: Start Y-Profile Scheduler and select “Options” | “New Schedule”. Select what profile to switch to; Choose the days the schedule is active (Everyday, workdays, non-workdays, or a specific day of the week); and what time to make the switch.

Y-Profile Scheduler - gersbo.dk
Application shortcut

Y-Profile Scheduler - Schedule overview - gersbo.dk
Schedule overview

Schedules can be modified later, and it is also possible to set up a schedule to switch to a random profile (not sure what the purpose of this is?).

Y-Profile Scheduler - Menu - gersbo.dk
Y-Profile Scheduler - Menu

Y-Profile Scheduler - Add new schedule - gersbo.dk
Add new schedule

Why switch to ‘Offline’ in the first place?

If you do not use your phone during the night, switching it offline will save the battery juice since all radios are off (3G, GSM, bluetooth and WiFi). It is a tip I picked up from Steve Litchfield and posted as “The tenth Nokia N95 battery tweak” (there are nine other). Clearly it is not rocket science, but switching the phone offline at night has a few other benefits. It saves you from getting unwanted calls and text messages during the night (not applicable if you are a vampire), but the phone is still on, and can be used as a music/video player alarm clock etc.

A couple of notes on usage

Unlike most other applications, Y-Profile Scheduler does not install to the “Applications” menu, but to a folder named “DrJukka” in the main menu. You can leave it there, or move the application shortcut to “Applications” and then delete the “DrJukka” folder.

It also seemed as if Y-Profile Scheduler needed some time to settle in. Immediately after installing it, I set up a schedule to switch profile the same day – just to test. The profile switch did not happen and I then rebooted the phone thinking it would maybe help some OS hook. When that did not help either, I had decided the application did not work and that I would remove it. But I then forgot about it and the next day, the schedule worked. I have no idea, if the reboot, a change in date, or something completely different made it work, but since then the application has been working flawlessly – it really is a small gem!

Y-Profile Scheduler does not need to be running for the schedules to be effective. Once schedules have been set up it works and you can forget about it.

Download Y-Profile Scheduler from drjukka.com.

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