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11 battery saving tips for Samsung i8510 INNOV8

Samsung INNOV8 with battery

Even though the Samsung INNOV8 comes equipped with a lush 1200 mAh Li-Ion battery, you may still want to tweak it to minimize power consumption.

With its many advanced features and multimodal connectivity, the INNOV8 also makes for a power hungry handset.

In a spirit of brotherly love and humanistic altruism, I have therefore taken it upon myself to compile a list of the most awesome, battery saving power tweaks, you are likely to ever come across.

I have divided the list of battery tips into two categories: a) Settings that affect the power consumption, and b) user (your!) behavior that minimizes power consumption.


WLAN scanning - turn it off…scan manually, or turn scanning on when needed («Settings» | «Settings» | «Connection» | «Wireless LAN» | «Show WLAN availablity» | «Never»).

Display brightness – turn off auto brightness («Settings» | «Settings» | «General» | «Personalisation» | «Display» | «Auto brightness» | «Off»).

Display brightness level - turn it all the way down («Settings» | «Settings» | «General» | «Personalisation» | «Display» | «Brightness level»).

Lower the light time-out - mine's set to 10 seconds («Settings» | «Settings» | «General» | «Personalisation» | «Display» | «Light time-out»).

Dim time…set to the lowest possible value: 5 seconds («Settings» | «Settings» | «General» | «Personalisation» | «Display» | «Dim time»).

Turn off 3G - especially in areas with poor coverage, where the INNOV8 otherwise might spend power searching for networks («Settings» | «Settings» | «Phone» | «Network» | Set «Network mode» to «GSM»).

Keep bluetooth off unless needed. Put bluetooth management on «active standby» screen for easy access («Settings» | «Settings» | «General» | «Personalisation» | «Standby mode» | «Active standby apps..»).


Keep your firmware up to date. Although Samsung has yet to provide a way to update firmware on the INNOV8, I am sure it will happen soonish. New firmware revisions usually provide optimized power consumption.

Set your mobile offline during the night, unless your life depends on receiving calls and messages. It is even possible to automate the process of switching between profiles, by using the free application Y-Profile Scheduler. Once set, you can forget about it.

Do not walk around with “live” camera viewfinder. The INNOV8 camera appears to be quite power hungry (is it just because of the display?).

Be aware what applications you leave running in the background - shut down those that use any of the radios, i.e. GSM/UMTS(3G)/WiFi/Bluetooth/GPS.

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72 Responses to “11 battery saving tips for Samsung i8510 INNOV8”

  1. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    Thanks man, you’re the best :D

  2. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    I have not tested myself, but read the top post on page 2, this thread:


    “I sussed it by downloading JBak task manager and closed a running programme called Screencapture. No ill effects from doing that and the battery is currently on the second day and still has 6 bars left! I think I’ve sussed it for my phone.”

    Others subsequently did the same and reported good results. Might be worth a try Chris?

  3. Chris Says:

    Hi Gandalf (grey or white?),

    I have also read the thread you refer to, and I have also looked at the running processes on the INNOV8. I have tried killing processes like ScreenCapture and others, but have trouble estimating the effect of doing so.

    Using most (but not all, e.g. I have not turned off 3G) of the tips in the above post I get “adequate” batterylife - between 2 and 4 days on a charge.

  4. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    I guess I’m kinda grey’ish, but the ambition is becoming white of course ;)
    I think it comes with age…

    Anyhow, you don’t think it’s worth a try to kill the screencapture proces just for a week to see if you notice any difference in operation if the benefits are so high? To be honest I’m not sure I want to do it myself heh, but would love for other people to do it! I would have thought that it would be reported on the forum by now if there was any problems killing screencap, though on the other hand it must be there for a reason right?

    But then again there are several reports of a virus being installed on the handset from the factory, have you looked into this?

  5. Chris Says:

    Hello again,

    I DID try killing the screencapture process using Jbak TaskMan. I think it is perfectly safe to do so - it is just an OS process that is shut down and that restarts if the phone is rebooted.

    I just did not notice killing the screencapture process had any effect on power consumption/battery life. That is why I have not included it in the above list. Like I wrote in my previous comment, I get a satisfactory battery life using just the tweaks listed. Doing something like having to kill the screencapture process everytime the phone is turned on is way to much trouble, IMHO.

    I would much rather hope for Samsung revising the INNOV8 process architecture in a future firmware update.

    I have not read anything about an OS virus - do you have a link?

  6. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    Fair enough.. if you didn’t see any difference I’m not going to bother either =)

    There is another thing though. In my extensive reading the past week I also stumpled across some accounts of some kind of automatic video sharing proces also running pr. default when the phone starts up, draining the battery as well. I don’t remember the proces name, but it must be something with “video” and possibly “sharing”, you can see this with Jbak TaskMan I’m sure.

    Speaking of which, doesn’t Jbak TaskMan support auto execution as well as auto shutdown of processes at startup, eliminating the need to do it manually each time if you would want that?

    Regarding the virus:



  7. Chris Says:

    I am sure the media sharing application, you are thinking of is “Shozu”. It comes pre-installed on the phone and allows you to share images and video with basically every social media service.

    Shozu has a lot of features; can be used in several different ways; and has loads of settings. It can for instance be set to auto start when the phone is restarted (not the default setting) and this will definitely affect the battery - especially if you have configured Shozu to check RSS feeds regularly.

    Note that Shozu does not actually shut down, when you exit it - it continue to run in the background and you have to use the application manager (long press on the menu key) to *really* shut it down. I have noticed that even if you do this, some Shozu processes keep running.

    Using Jbak TaskMan, it is possible to define all kinds of rules for individual applications - including starting or killing an application after boot.

  8. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    Lol nothing I hate more than an application that won’t take “shut down” for an answer!

    So no proces running from totally default startup with any ‘video’ in it or anything? Only if you launch a program first, perhaps shozu, only thereon after is it running until next restart?

    The reason I’m asking more into this is because of these couple of posts:


    http://samsungi8510.com/forum/battery-life-t34.html (refer to bottom post by dells8510)

  9. Chris Says:

    About the virus reports - I just checked my INNOV8 and it has none of those files. Not in the phone memory, nor in the 16 GB builtin memory.

  10. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    OK. Perhaps we’re lucky that the scandinavian distribution is spared of that, while perhaps americans and/or british and whoever is not. I also think this virus business is very strange indeed. Oh well one less thing to worry about.

  11. Chris Says:

    Well, since I use Shozu, I have no way of knowing if these Shozu processes are running - even with a “vanilla” phone. When I get to update the firmware on mine, I will make sure to check.

    What I can tell you, is that Shozu is not running by default, nor is “video sharing” on. Even if these Shozu processes are running, they have little effect on power consumption. Stuff like customizing the display brightness and time out is much more significant in this respect.

  12. Gravatar Simon Says:

    Not exactly on topic but connected with. Did anyone try the 1700mAh battery ?


  13. Gravatar Mark Says:

    Hi all,
    After getting very poor battery life from my i8510, i found this forum and put all the tips into action with not much effect. I even turned off optical mouse & auto pivot as i have read these can drain the battery too…but only slight improvement.. I was getting 22H max with no calls, no camera or previewing, 2 texts and 30mins wifi…the phone was left alone for most of the day!

    I was getting frustrated as i know it should last much longer…
    So i removed the memory card as a last resort to see if this did anything…and the answer is yes it did! I couldnt believe how much power is drained for a having a card in, its lasting 2/3 days now, sill have 6 out of 7 bars after 15hours and i have made 30mins calls, texts, taken a photo and 20min wifi!!

    If i actually used my phone properly it would have died before the day was out with a card in which is unacceptable, and really needs to be sorted out…has anyone else had a similar issue?

  14. Gravatar Simon Says:

    Hi Mark,

    I would like to confirm that memory card drastically reduces the power and your time estimations are correct. Firmware problem ?

  15. Gravatar Mark Says:

    Ive been carrying out a few tests with the card in and out over the last few days and will let you know the results. It is a 16gb card which may have greater impact than normal…but i have been noting that the phone always seems to die much quicker with the card in…


  16. Gravatar Jason Says:

    Hi all, I’m also doing testing on the phone by removing the memory card. Pretty disappointed so far with the duration of the battery life. Seriously, unless you are getting a phone that last 2-3 days (those lucky ones), it’s not worth buying the phone in Singapore.

    No, the battery is no faulty. This is my 3rd battery.

    The screencapture.exe point does not help the duration of the battery life too.

    Oh on another note, I just updated with the latest firmware and no, the phone still lasts for 1 day with minimum usage, no where near the 2-3 days or 5 days that i saw in other forums. But i do think that 5 days means you run on GSM and everything on minimum. I only wish my phone will last 2 days at least.

    Either I will wait for a year before getting a new phone or I’ll just trade in this phone for I-phone… BUT I-phone does not appeal to me. -_-

  17. Gravatar Jason Says:

    YES! I finally found the reason for the short duration of my Innov8. It was due to the memory card. I have removed it for now.

    It is 28 hours now and i still have like 5-6 bars of battery life left! Finally my dream phone is my love again. I do believe that my phone can finally last 2-3 days now.

    Firstly, BIG THANK YOU TO CHRIS, this site really sort save my phone and my money (almost wanted to get a new phone) and THANKS MARK for your finding that memory card might eat up battery life. It kept me on the track. How is your current findings?

    I was using a 1GB SanDisk Micro SD card that came with the phone. Not sure what is causing this battery drain .Whether the memory card is defective, the files that are inside the memory card or Innov8 can’t take a memory card.

    I’m going to do the following tests to gauge the battery life:
    1) Format my original memory card and use it (to see whether my card is defective and draining the power)
    2) Use my friend’s memory card and use it (to see whether other card is working well)
    3) Copy my current files over to my friend’s memory card and test it out (to see whether the files in it is draining the power)

  18. Gravatar Jason Says:


    My 1GB mirco SD card that comes with the phone drains the battery really fast even though it was cleanly formatted.

    I’m using my friend’s formatted 4GB memory card to test out whether it is my 1GB card being faulty or whether is Innov8 cannot handle memory cards.

    I have a feeling that the firmware is not well written to handle memory cards, since I already have the latest firmware available for Innov8 in Singapore.

  19. Gravatar Jason Says:


    Seems like Innov8’s battery life will drain within a day if a memory card is slotted in. I’ve tried using another memory card and the result is the same. Within 4 hours, the battery bar will drop by one.


    Use your Innov8 without memory card.

  20. Gravatar DanielK Says:

    Thank you jason for that!

    a lil sh!t tho that the phone cant take memory cards :|

  21. Gravatar Peter Says:


    I’ve tried all the suggestions on this forum and with no luck, I’m still getting about 20 hours or less with my phone. about 30-40 mins of phone calls and checking hte time every now and then.

    I’ve removed the memory card, used all the tips on the list with the exception of the screencapture app because I cant find it on my phone.

    I have GarminXT installed and even removed the file cardrunner.dll because people said that it uses up battery b/c of what it does.

    Does anyone here have any suggestions??


  22. Gravatar Jason Says:

    Peter, I think the next best thing is not to have any 3rd party softwares inside. except those that comes with the phone.

    I removed all 3rd party applications and set the high packet connection to disabled. It might help slightly?

    If you are feeling adventurous, i think i full clean formatting all all the memory in the phone is worth a try.

    I dun think any one knows any speicified reason why the battery life is this bad…

  23. Gravatar Jason Says:

    After some testing. I suggest to put this additional point 12: Do not use 3rd party applications meant for Nokia. It can drain your battery so fast that it lasted less than 20 hours if you let it be on standby. Some 3rd party applications might still work and not drain your battery but have a clean phone that can last 2 days before you test it any 3rd party application.

    Still testing out on disabling high packet connection today. I do not think this drain the battery.

    Currently, I’m really happy with my Innov8 and enjoying it. heavy voice calls and having it on thru the night, I still have like 2 bars left. If this is not a good phone, what other phone can be better?

  24. Gravatar Mark Says:

    After running a few more tests it does appear the card drains the battery slightly faster. I have had up and down results from similar tests ie same conditions, so can conclude that use of the wi-fi and ur signal strength area has the biggest impact of all…as i used wifi for the same amount of time in in all tests, so it must be the signal strength of ur connection that drains the battery more than other times - just more so on this phone than any other.

    For instance, with the memory card in and the same test conditions(1h wifi) after a full charge of the same amount of time the phone lasted 27h one time and only 18 the next!

    The maximum i have had the phone running (when not used at all, no memory card and no wifi) is 34h…a far cry from the 300h standby claim, which are normally way overshot by the manufacturers but im only getting 11% of the figure! I have never owned a phone that died so quick just sitting there doing nothing..its a great phone but this is really starting to bug me as i will use my phone and it will be gone in less than a day.

    As mentioned it could be 3rdparty apps. I have Fring, Mig33, skype, x-plore and a few java games installed over the standard apps…none of which are left on or are shown as running unless i use them (on the rare occasion).

    Anyone found a better, bigger battery we can use!? :p

  25. Gravatar Jason Says:

    Hi Mark,

    Looks like you and I are the only active people testing it out.

    Memory card might drain slightly more but on my findings, 3rd party applications installed in, other than the default ones like fring, will cause the battery to drain extremely fast. For example, I had Papayrus and Concise Dictionary installed, even when I didn’t use them, the battery will be flat within 20 hours without usage. (I’m going to test on which is the exact one at fault, when I have the time)

    After I removed them, can you imagine? 48 hours plus of battery life with heavy voice call? I can’t believe the battery life is this good.

    Mark, I suggest if you have the time and effort to remove all 3rd party applications and have a clean phone and see whether the duration is longer.

  26. Gravatar Jason Says:

    Oh man… i just found out that if i put the high speed packet access to enable, the battery power will drain faster. i think by setting it to disable, you can actually save quite an amount of battery power.

    Mark, maybe you can try it out?

    conclusion for now:
    Either 3rd party applications even when not run OR setting the high speed packet access to enable will drain the battery power faster.

  27. Gravatar Mark Says:

    I have the phone in GSM only mode (to save power) so theres no option for high speed packet data. Im not prepared to uninstall all 3rd-party applications as i use them regularly and you shouldnt have todo this anyway…all other phones handle 3rd-party apps ok, why not the i8510!!!?

    When you update to the latest UK Firmware, it removes Fring as the version pre-installed is not compatible, so i had to find an alternative version…i did uninstall Skype tho and initial tests show much better battery life. It could just be that certain apps cause issues as i still have 3 other apps and half dozen java games installed. Will keep u posted.

  28. Gravatar Jason Says:


    I see that you do not have the option to disable the option. What I can say is maybe for those who still prefer to run on 3G can disable it to save battery. Yes, a phone should support 3rd party applications but I think most of them are not made for FP2. Innov8 is running on this, if I am not wrong.

    I think what you can I can summarise is that most probably the battery drain is due to 3rd party applications. I’m having a clean phone for now, with no 3rd party application. Just for now.

    To all those who are reading our posts, all I want to say is there no conclusion to what is causing the battery drain. And we are still testing it out. But I can say that Innov8 is a wonderful phone and the battery power is good.

  29. Gravatar Mark Says:

    Quick twist to the tale…

    1 Tried formatting mass memory - no effect
    2 Reinstalled my apps & games / keep auto screen brightness on(other settings minimal)
    3 Turned on ‘duel mode’ under network settings - Phone lasts 2/3 days all the time.

    = me happy now

  30. Gravatar Mark Says:

    4 oh, and i always select ‘remove memory card’ so it closes any ties with it (ie closes associated apps) but dont actually remove it, once every power on.

    Hope this helps.

    Sidenote, does anyone know if samsung are working on new firmware to help with battery life etc or have they given up now after there one and only I8510XXHJ3 release?

  31. Gravatar baad Says:

    hello. I’ve got innov8 for about 1 moth and it used to work for about 3,5 days without loading. 1 week ago i’ve installed garmin. Although i dont use it (and the process is not open), it works now only for about 24 hours. Wtf? Should I send it to servis?

  32. Gravatar baad Says:

    and i cant connect it with MS VISTA.

  33. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    No you shouldn’t send it to service, it’s what happens when you install garmin. It’s a bug in the program and garmin has apparently been too lazy to do anything about it. I’d recommend the existing program instead, Route 66, it’s excellent in my opinion.

  34. Gravatar Jason Says:

    Baad, I think you should have read thru the threads. It’s a well known problem.

    Basically, I have given up on the phone now. It has like 4 bars when I turn it off and went to sleep. And this morning, I couldn’t turn it on. It was showing an hour glass besides that charging bar.

    There seems to be no news in regards to upgrades or progress. I seriously do think that Samsung have stopped any upgrades for it and focusing on new phones.

    And just lately, I found that there really is a hole at the back of the phone which will cause dust to gather under the screen. It is seriously a manufacuturing fault, I mean why do you need a hole there? Looking through other forums, Samsung do not claim it is a manufacturing fault.

    And in Singapore, this phone is not sold anymore. If it was such a good phone which company will stop selling it this fast? I guess this will be my first and last samsung phone. This is the first phone that I spent many months trying to make it work like it should. And YET, there is the hole and the battery life is just weird.

    Looking to trade in this for a new phone now. I phone, I guess… And sorry to say, if such a phone needs so much research just to get it to work normally, then it sucks.

    And in my honest opinion, those who have bought Innov8, it is a mistake. Those who haven’t bought it. Just give it a pass.

  35. Gravatar Jason Says:

    Just to add, I did managed to make it work. But it was like you needed to charge it for quite sometime before you can turn it on again after you have a charging bar and a hourglass besides it.

  36. Gravatar PluMbE Says:

    Well, this phone behaves really wierd - battery wise!

    Generally I experience very bad battery life (20 hours max), and I do not use my phone that much. Even with absolutely no to very little usage (1 - 2 sms) I see the first battery bar to disappear within 2 - 3 hours after I take the phone out from the charger. Very frustrating!

    Anyway. This week I was chocked. Around 8 o’ clock in the evening I discovered that the phone only had lost 1 bar(!!), which is very abnormal so I let the phone on all the night without charging. I then got around 50 - 60 hours of normale usage out of the phone, but I really don’t know why. I didn’t do anything else than normal (I use to kill the ScreenCapturer app every time I start up the phone). The same thing happened to me the next time I charged the phone (almost 50 - 60 hours of usage)… But then… And nobody knows why, the phone starts giving me max. 20 hours of usage again. I should have NEVER restarted the phone since I expericenced the good battery life, now I’m all sad again ;o)

    I’ve tried EVERYTHING. Killing processes, appz, master reset, low backlight, low dim time, no 3′rd party appz installed, no themes etc. etc. but nothing seems to do remarkable changes. It’s killing me that I can’t figure out what gave me the extra battery time this week, but I will keep researching.

    I’m hoping so much that Samsung soon will get their head out of their asses and release a new firmware, because this really starts pissing me off. There are simply too many mistakes with the current FW till they can just stop developing it, and now it’s around 6 months since the last update!! This can’t be right!

  37. Gravatar Jason Says:

    PluMbe, try to use it until the last bar of the battery life. Let it go totally flat on its own. Then give it a full charge. This is so far the only concrete solution that works.

    After the day my handphone went totally flat, after I charge it up, and I could get 3 days worth. But due to the fact that my job requires me to be contractable by phone all the time, I had to charge before it went flat. After the charge it went back to 20 hours worth of battery life again.

  38. Gravatar PluMbE Says:

    Thanks Jason, I’ll try that…

    I don’t know how my phone can be so unstable in battery life. Very random it changes from 20 hours to 2 - 3 days - same usage, same theme, same running appz, same settings etc. Perhaps it DO has something to do with my charging pattern… Anyway I’m givin’ it a go and will report back!


  39. Gravatar Nard Says:

    Hey Jason, i myself experience have the hourglass sign beside the charging bar when i itried to charge my phone after it became totally flat. I have no idea whether the phone is charging as there is no indication? Do i continue charging the phone and hope that it works after that or? I can’t switch the phone on either

  40. Gravatar Jason Says:

    Hey Mark, I do sorta think your solution works to a certain extend. I power on my phone and always select ‘remove memory card’ so it closes any association with it. Then when I want to charge the phone, i do the same again. It does seems to work so far.

    Still in testing mode though.

    I think we have sorta narrow it down to the charging adaptor, the way the phone charge the battery and the memory card wasting power. I can be very sure it won’t be the battery itself as I can get 2-3 days worth of power with heavy usage.

  41. Gravatar Jason Says:

    Does anyone know exactly know where to find this cardreader.dll? does it mean that if i do not have gamin, i will not have it?

    i’ve got a feeling that the cardreader.dll is inside my phone… and i can’t find it.

  42. Gravatar Mark Says:

    Think cardreader.dll will more likely be on ur PC under windows/system32 or such where ur drivers are kept…can Symbian run .dlls ?

  43. Gravatar ford Says:

    thank u man 4 ts tips, it hlpd me a lot bt i gt sme othr prblm nw my mob s damn hot whle chargng.i am havng i8510 16 gigz
    plz hlp me…………………………..!

  44. Gravatar Jason Says:

    Mark, it’s just a thought that pass my mind. I was thinking that this cardreader was related to the solution we have, which was to do “remove memory card whenever the phone starts. Maybe this cardreader keeps trying to read the memory card.

    The weird thing is removing memory card or not inputting a memory card does not work?

  45. Gravatar Jason Says:

    Mark, I’m having some success using JB Taskman to auto kill screensaver and screencapture. Do you think we can exchange emails about this? So far, all the above are proven to have failed.

    But this time, using the JB Taskman thingy, I have managed to get extended battery life on my first try. I’m hoping to test it out with you.

  46. Gravatar Mark Says:

    Hi Jason, I’ll have a look into it as my phone is again only lasting less than a day…

    I was getting 2/3 days before then i left it to go completely flat, upon recharge i now only get 20h again.

    On a side note, how does ur microphone sound recording high sound levels? Talking loudly from a distance into mine comes out completely muffled and distorted…

    Any news on a new firmware release?

  47. Gravatar Danni Says:

    Hi Jason, Mark, everyone…

    I’ve just updated my phone the unofficial way by reading and following these threads/guides at samsungi8510.com’s forum:
    - http://samsungi8510.com/forum/feb-2009-i8510xxib2-free-download-drivers-instructions-t807.html
    - http://samsungi8510.com/forum/i8510xxib2-with-dutch-language-instructions-t812.html

    I’ve only had the phone with the updated firmware for one day now, but as for now it seems that there are great battery performance with the new FW. Without having to kill the screensaver and/or screencapture procces, it seems that I can easily get 2 and maybe 3 days of medium usage with the phone. Although as we have seen before, this might change from time to time - but I will follow up on this.

    Good luck…

  48. Gravatar Jason Says:

    Hi Mark,

    I haven’t really try out recording of the microphone at high sound levels, if I do try it out, I’ll let you know. But I think it’s pretty normal to have distortion at high sound levels, isn’t it?

    I’m testing out the killing of the exes method using another battery which means that I had turned off my phone and turned it on again. Will post again regarding this. I think this is the highest chance of getting long battery life. Worth a try.

    Hi Danni, thanks for letting us know about that. I’m just pretty afraid of tweaking the phone in unofficial way. It might just void the warranty or something. Still I will give it a try when my warranty ends and still unable to get the phone to operate in the way it should.

  49. Gravatar Jason Says:

    Hi Mark,

    It was a failure, I couldn’t get the same amount of battery life even with the killing of the exes. There’s no more testing needed. I guess I gotta try out Danni’s method now.

    Hi Danni,

    Could you send me the 2 files, I cannot download from rapidshare. No idea why I can’t get the file.

    Thank you for your help.

  50. Gravatar mark Says:

    Out of curiosity, after its finished charging, do u turn the phone on while its still plugged in or after disconecting Jason?

  51. Gravatar Danni Says:

    Hi again…

    Unfortunately I cannot send the files since it is more than 100 MB total.

    I too discover problems with the audio recorder - the problem is still there with the new firmware also :(

  52. Gravatar mark Says:

    Ah that’s a shame Danni, at least its not only me but it does sound like a firnware issue with the recording as whispers are fine but talking normally is completly inaudible on playback.

    There is a new version of the Samsung software available, 7.3, which I hoped would enable a new firmware update but it just hanged on ‘finding phone software’ for me..

  53. Gravatar Jason Says:


    I turned the phone off and changed to another battery. I bought another one as one battery just doesn’t cut it.

    New version of Samung suite cannot be installed on my pc, it hits a fatal error and cannot be installed.


    Oh, then it’s okay. I guess I will head to my service center and ask for a firmware update. I think there is a latest versison, mine ends with HK4, I think there is a HK5 now.

  54. Gravatar Mark Says:

    You have to completly uninstall all the old Samsung software including usb & modem software.. Reboot then install the new suite. Worked for me :)

    I have HJ3 firmare on mine, may have to take it to a service centre too as their crappy software doesn’t work! (For me anyhoo)

  55. Gravatar Jason Says:

    Hi mark,

    Thanks for the advice on the installation for PC suite. I have managed to get it installed now. And yes, it keeps on searching for new firmware at the update. The service center told me that no firmware updates can be done for Singapore side from PC suite. We will have to head down to the service center.

    I have actually bought a new battery for my phone. and somehow, i can consistently get 2-3 days worth of battery life on it. maybe you can give the JBtaskman method a try?

    Some sites online are saying that there is IC1 for Asia sites but officially, it is HK5 which currently isn’t available in Singapore yet. Oh well, wait is the only thing we can do.

  56. Gravatar Mark Says:

    Think thats what im going to do when i get my phone back from repair…lens cover jammed open… buy a new battery and wait for some new firmware if it arrives and if their software allows it!

    Im done fiddling with this phone :p

  57. Gravatar Johnnie Says:

    Can anyone tell me what the rated output voltage and current of the battery charger that comes with the phone is? I am trying to determine if it’s the replacement charger that I bought from a third party vendor that is causing my battery to behave poorly. Thanks.

  58. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    Sure Johnnie here is a snapshot:


  59. Gravatar Sergio Says:

    Hi! I have the same problem with my i8510 battery.
    How do you charge the battery, with your phone turned off or on?
    At first time, is it necessary to give it a long charge?
    It’s a little bit frustrating because I can not enjoy at all my phone.

  60. Gravatar Jason Says:

    The only final best advice that I can give is to do unofficial firmware update on your own. I have given up on this phone just like Samsung. For those who owns this phone and lives in Singapore, Samsung Singapore is not updating the firmware anymore. Their staff told me online that since this phone is not for sale anymore, there will not be anymore updates for it.

    I concluded that the firmware is the main problem for this phone. For those who lives in other countries, get the firmware updated as much as you can. For those who does not have updates like me, I suggest using Apollo and doing the updates on your own.

    I have updated mine to IC2 and might keep on updating with the updates.

    This phone was a mistake by Samsung and we, the customers have to pay for their mistake. Once I have enough money to buy a new phone, I’m heading back to Nokia. At least their updates are consistent. Shame on you, Samsung.

  61. Gravatar Baios Says:

    Thanks a lot for this!

  62. Gravatar Jason Says:

    Just a small follow up.

    Install all your applications and themes on the phone’s mass memory itself. Do not put anything or install anything on the memory card.

    This has been confirmed by me. It’s working 100% of the time and it’s working the way it should be now.

    But dun forget the instructions above too.

  63. Gravatar Paul Says:

    Hi…i have the same battery problem !!! i live in Argentina, and i guess there is no firmware update too :(….

    After reading the topic, you have tried all the ways to make this phone work decently … I bought it a week ago…what do you suggest me? Change for a Nokia 5800 or N85?

    I like the phone, but battery issue is a shame….

  64. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    Paul: I haven’t got the battery issue so I’m generally fund of the i8510, but if you do have the battery issue and want it changed for another one, I would suggest the Nokia N86. It’s the closest you get to the i8510 in terms of featurepack and design, but it has a more robust nokia software, highend samsung cameraphones does take slightly better pictures though, but if you get bad battery on the i8510, it’s not a real option in any case.

    There’s also the Samsung Omnia HD which should be less buggy, can capture 720p video, but is really, really large (although very thin and same weight as N86 and i8510). But I’d probably go for the N86 to get something similar.

  65. Gravatar Jason Says:

    one more thing to add, you need to use unofficial firmware to have good battery life. i went to flash to my original firmware and found that the battery life is crap again.

    get an iphone 3gs, it’s a better choice given the support that it gets. you know that they will support you rather than throw you aside like samsung did.

  66. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    There is just a world of difference between the pictures that the iPhone takes and the ones the i8510 takes. I think the camera was what made the i8510 interesting to begin with, so a downgrade from best-8mp-phone-on-market to substandard 3mp is pretty substantial. But if you’re cool with that, I’m sure the 3GS can be a good thing. I’d just rather have another 8mp offering from samsung, lg or nokia if it was up to me :)

  67. Chris Says:

    I sold off my i8510 since I could be bothered waiting for a firmware upgrade.

    I few weeks ago I went out and got a Nokia N86. If you would like a 8 mp camera, I suggest you do the same - you will not regret it:)

  68. Gravatar Jason Says:

    Of course if the camera is of utmost importance then you need a phone with that. But generally, I think Nokia is the only one good enough with their camera offering.

    overall support for samsung phones are lacking here, so this is Innov8 is my last Samsung phone.

    If Samung support is good in your country like in India and Taiwan, then you can still consider it.

    One thing that I do notice is when I went to the service center, most of them uses Nokia as their backup phone, so it says something about their phone. Good enough for backup perharps?

  69. Gravatar Mark Says:

    Just thought I would offer a glimmer of hope to you guys…out of the blue my i8510 has now lasted 3.5 days without charge and it still shows 3 bars!!

    This is with light use of say 10txts and a couple of calls a day, maybe a pic or two and no wifi at all. Not really much of a change to my normal use but the phone was been getting better and better since a few weeks ago after getting it re-flashed with the same software a few months ago - basically bricked it out of desperation, but got the flash done for free :)

    Thing was that it was just as bad after the re-flash at holding a charge, but a few months later it now always does two full days at least, normally 3 and now on its way to 4! (i do turn it off for 7hrs a night).

    main points i have to achieve this (although no idea if these are the reasons…)
    dont install anything on the memory card and keep apps to a minimum.
    camera use kills battery life - obviously.
    ive used the pc to charge the phone quite a lot recently, then unplugged and charged again normally to re top it up again. I also leave it on charge over night with it off, after completely draining the battery.
    use the standard orange theme

    otherwise, i have 3g on, auto brightness on, optical joystick on.

    It is a decent phone and ive taken some great pics with it - some better than 8mp camera equivalents, but i am looking forward to when my contract allows me to get a new one…Samsungs support is woeful.

    Hope this helps,

  70. Gravatar Jason Says:

    I second Mark on the “Samsung support is woeful”. It’s really a horrible crap support to have for such a nice phone. Was thinking of giving I8910HD a second look but on second thoughts, forget it. I have already heard of the crap recording of sound during the video recording. And to think that was what Samsung was boosting about, HD Video recording. LOL. What were they thinking? BTW, the touchscreen for I8910HD isn’t good enough too.

    Now, where’s my I-Phone 3GS…

  71. Gravatar Sergio Says:

    I don’t have the battery issue any more. What I have done is to leave the phone charging for 24 hours (after left the battery empty of charge). Since then my battery lasts 4 or 5 days, and I give the phone a hard use. I don’t think that i8510 is a Samsung’s error. All the phones has issues and I don’t see a major issue in this phone to take it as a crap.

  72. Gravatar coolek33 Says:

    kill AGpsSupport.exe, screensaver, screencapturer with jBak Taskman… I found this on russian forum. I did it my self and it helped with the battery problem.

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