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TV out on Samsung i8510 Innov8 using Nokia Video Connectivity Cable

Samsung i8510 Innov8 TV out cable - gersbo.dk
Viewing DivX video on the Samsung i8510 Innov8 using TV out.

The Samsung Innov8 does not come with a TV out cable included – a fact which worried me a bit when I ordered the handset. Especially since none of the Innov8 user manuals or guides currently available mention the TV out function.

You never know with these things – maybe you need some special cable that is both expensive and hard to get. That was the case with the Samsung SGH-x820. The x820 is capable of both TV out and USB storage, but did not come with cables for neither. These have to be bought separately and are relatively expensive.

One of the first things I did after receiving the Innov8 was therefore to try to hook it up to a TV set using the Nokia CA-75U video connectivity cable that comes included with most Nokia N series handsets.

I am very happy to report that the Innov8 works perfectly with the Nokia cable.

The next thing I did was to test the Innov8’s DivX playback (the Innov8 has built in support for DivX and Xvid) by playing some of the DivX videos, I have created for the DivX Mobile Player using SUPER.

Samsung i8510 Innov8 TV out Nokia CA-75U video connectivity cable - gersbo.dk
TV out on the Samsung Innov8 using Nokia CA-75U video connectivity cable.

The ones I tried worked very well as can be seen in the images in this post. When starting a video in RealPlayer the TV out signal is automatically switched to full screen landscape mode.

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6 Responses to “TV out on Samsung i8510 Innov8 using Nokia Video Connectivity Cable”

  1. Gravatar Nokia Daily News - 11/19/08 | Nokia Daily News Says:

    [...] Gersbo - Samsung INNOV8 TV-Out works with Nokia cables [...]

  2. Gravatar Using a tv cable for your Samsung i8510 - SuperRoach - Samsung i8510/innov8 photoblog Says:

    [...] http://www.gersbo.dk/2008/11/tv-out-on-samsung-i8510-innov8-using-nokia-video-connectivity-cable.htm... [...]

  3. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    The build in Realplayer does not support Xvid which is the codec used in the far majority of my video clips. I have tried many other players, but they all seem to resize and pixilate the picture when comparing it to realplayer playing back the exact same DivX clip. All I want is the good quality and performance of realplayer and Xvid support. Any solution to this? Any tips?

  4. Gravatar simon t Says:

    yes you are right dude, i have the same problem. you can try other movie apps such as power movie or coreplayer, but for some reason when you use tvout, it does not play them at full resolution. only when you use real player and tv out will the clip be played at its original resolution. and all my clips are xvid as well, im spewing

  5. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    My solution ended up just being convertering all my Xvid files to DivX using the official converter. With resonable quality settings aiming for just about the same filesize, the inevitable deterioration in picture quality as a result of re-encoding from unoriginal, is insignificant. Doesn’t hurt to have all your video files in DivX format anyway since there is 100 million DivX certified devices, mostly DVD players, around the world today. For for me, basically making all of my videos more compatible with the world while only sacrificing negligible quality to re-encoding is worth it. I’ve kept the original Xvid videos so far because I have plenty of disk space, though I don’t know if I will forever.

  6. Gravatar simon t Says:

    nah i dont want to convert everything i download. is there a way to install a codec for realplayer or something? is there an app that will do tv out at full res? why would they lock the hardware to only let realplayer output tv out at full res??????

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