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PDair pouch and screen protector for Samsung i8510 INNOV8

PDair horizontal pouch for Samsung i8510 INNOV8 - Share on Ovi
PDair horizontal pouch for Samsung i8510 INNOV8

Very soon after getting the INNOV8 I decided I was going to need some sort of pouch for it. It is a bit too large to carry in a pocket…my pockets anyway.

Because I am very happy with the pouch from PDair I got for my Nokia N95-1, I checked to see, if PDair maybe had the same type of pouch for the INNOV8.

They did, and I immediately ordered one. It also turned out PDair carries screen protectors for the INNOV8 and I got one of those as well. Interesting to see, if it is as good as the ones from Martin Fields I usually swear by.

The pouch is made of very good quality black leather, and has white stitching, as can be seen on the images in this post. It has a belt clip and the top flap opens and closes with magnetic studs. The name “PDair” is embossed on the front of the pouch.

One of the things I really like about the PDair pouch for the N95-1 is that when the N95 is kept in the pouch, it is possible to access both the charger connector and the 3.5 mm AV connector. Unfortunately, this is not the case for the INNOV8 pouch, because both these connectors are located directly underneath the pouch flap.

Some “pouchography”:

PDair horizontal pouch for Samsung i8510 INNOV8 - Share on Ovi
The PDair pouch comes in a neat cardboard box

PDair horizontal pouch for Samsung i8510 INNOV8 - Share on Ovi
Security flap locks using magnetic studs

PDair horizontal pouch for Samsung i8510 INNOV8 - Share on Ovi
The pouch is lined with white stitching

Nice stamps - Share on Ovi
The pouch came in an envelope with nice, colorful stamps

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13 Responses to “PDair pouch and screen protector for Samsung i8510 INNOV8”

  1. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    Great thing, I was also looking into buying a pouch for my i8510, which I just ordered a few days ago. Is there any specific reason that you chose the horizontal type? I can see that they also have two other types which they call “vertical” and “flip”. Actually I would prefer something like a very tight “second-skin” type that add minimumally to the dimensions of the handset, protecting it from dust and stratches, although not from physical impact. That way I could still carry it in my pocket, hopefully. I haven’t received it yet in real-life, so I’m not sure whether I’m going to be carrying it around in my pocket actually, but that is my hopes :)

    Anyhow, what is this “screen protector” you speak of in the blog entry title, I don’t see it mentioned or pictured in the entry itself?

    - Gandalf

  2. Chris Says:

    Well, I just prefer the horizontal pouch. I do not like “second skin” type pouches.

    Besides the pouch, I also ordered a screen protector from PDair. If you are not not familiar with a screen protectors, it is a piece of clear plastic film that is attached to the screen. It protects the physical screen from scratches and smudges.

    The screen protector from PDair works very nice, but the usage instructions are a bit unclear. I prefer Martin Fields screen protectors.

  3. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    Good thing you mentioned that you prefer Martin Fields, because looking for those screen protectors yesterday I saw literally about 10 different brands of them scattered around different webshops. I have decided not to buy any case for my i8510 since I simply foresee me using it the first month or so, but after that not bothering. I’m use to ALWAYS having my phone with me in my pocket and though the i8510 is a little bigger than what I’m used to, it’s actually not that much bigger.

    Interestingly I stumpled over this company “Zagg” and their “invisible shield” product, but unfortunately they currently don’t support the Samsung i8510 Innov8. Have you ever tried this?

  4. Chris Says:

    I have not tried the “invisible shield” from “zagg”. A while back I reviewed several different screen protectors for my Nokia N95 and the outcome was rather conclusive: Martin Fields are simple the best. They are quite easy to attach; you do not get blisters in the film; they do not reduce the brightness of the screen (much); and they can be washed and re-used.

    If you can get one from Martin Fields, just buy it - you will not be disappointed.

    Links to the reviews I did (all in Danish, I am afraid - but there are pictures…):

    - “N95 tilbehør: Displaybeskyttelsesfolie aka skærm protektor”
    - “Vikuiti displayprotektor - vær omhyggelig med monteringen”
    - “N95 tilbehør: MÃ¥ske den ultimative displayprotektor?”

  5. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    Thank you. I was writing a comment earlier that got lost in a system reboot, and I forgot about that.

    I basically told you what an awesome blog this is for a new i8510 owner, and you kinda get all excited about mobile phones in general when you read it. Secondly I think it’s admirable that you write (most of) the blog in english reaching a far bigger audience. As luck would have it I’m also from Denmark which makes much of the info extra relevant to me! Plus I get to understand your danish blog entries, excellent :D

    BTW I heard about that sms bus ticket experiment in a danish city which I don’t remember and thought it was pretty cool.. looking through your blog I realize that you work for the company they developed the system. Pretty cool :)

  6. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    By the way is there any sort of very basic/cheap case included in the package or is it completely unprotected unless you buy something for it?

  7. Chris Says:

    Mine did come with any case or pouch, you have to buy one.

  8. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    Are you still happy with the PDAir horizontal pouch you bought back then? I’m pretty sure I have to buy it some kind of protective case after all, and after snooping around on the net, the most likely condidate is the exact same as you bought.

  9. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    Bah to much thinking, too little action!

    I just ordered the horizontal pouch, the crystal case, the silicon case and some extra screen protection (labeled as “ultra screen protection) from the PDair shop. I couldn’t quite make up my mind and since I haven’t ever tried any of these type of products for a device yet (except a pouch) I’d rather just get it overwith and try them all so I can make up my own opinion about the various types. But the problem now is that I’m probably going to receive my phone tomorrow (tuesday) or wednesday the latest so the protective equipment will not arrive in time to protect my 4750 DKK / 870$ phone from the very beginning.

    You also ordered from pdair.com right? How long did it take for your shipment to arrive? They didn’t have any express shipping options :(

    Also how did you protect it in the meantime?

  10. Chris Says:

    I am very satisfied with my pouch from PDair.com - until I got it, I just carried the phone in my coat pocket.

    I think you will be amazed how quickly PDair ships orders. That is, unless your shipment is delayed in customs.

  11. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    Some afterthoughts:
    My preference now:

    1. Crystal Clear hard plastic case.
    2. PDair Horizontal Leather Pouch
    3. PDair Silicon case

    Surpristingly I thought the crystal was gonna be my least favorite, but I like it far better than the silicon one. First it’s crammed around the phone real tight, so it doesn’t make it that much bulkier. Actually the silicon case added more to the width of the phone. You can still see all the phone’s design design through the transparent hard plastic which is nice. The really silicon attracted dust real fast, which by itself is a little annoying, and secondly I’ve heard reports about this phone being prone to collecting dust inside the screen more easily than the average phone. Haven’t had this problem so far, I think we might be lucky in the later december release here in Denmark, I dunno?

    Otherwise it was also a lot harder to open the multifunction miniUSB port on the silicon than with the crystal, making it a little more inconvenient everytime the unit needs to recharge and/or transfer data to/from the PC. I also expected the silicon case to be enclosing the phone tightly; it’s not outright loose, but it’s definitely not tight either. The feel of the silicon when holding it in my hand was perhaps a bit nicer than the crystal, but to counter it was also harder to get in and out of the pocket because the silicon surface increased the friction with the pocket. Sure it doesn’t fall off a table just as easily as an unprotected or crystal case protected phone does, but overall the pocket movement resistance means more to me.

    The leather pouch was nice, though I was a bit worried when I read in the manual that they recommended not to use magnetic lock cases, although I’m not to worred about that. It’s working fine for you after all and it is a good quality pouch and it looks a lot smaller in real life than I had the impression from the pictures you took :)

    It’s just that the crystal case enables me to use the phone without any worries and have it in my pocket without hesitation because it’s so good protected overall. I don’t know if I’m going to use it always, I might switch over to bare phone in horizontal pouch, and I’m glad to have both. I’m not going to use the silicon case, but it was nice trying all types so I have made my own opinion on a strong basis now.

    The only thing about the crystal case is that it’s VERY precisely cut for the i8510 which means that it gets a little crammed having a clear screen protection film on the screen also. That Martin Fields screen protector is AWESOME btw! My solution was to gently bend the front crystal cover outwords so it doesn’t touch the screen. Before that it did touch the screen only slightly, but enough to make a kind of faint oil-rainbow effect on a part of the screen.

    Those were my impressions from the three products I bought, now written down in case it helps someone :)

  12. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    Still not 100% decided between having the crystal case on and the phone in my pocket or having it off and the phone leather case. In any case I’ll leave the Martin Fields protection screen on. The thing is with the crystal case that it’s not just for protection from falling and dust, it’s actually decent protection against rain, greasy fingers and other kinds of substances. With it on I’m not the least worried to lend hand it over to my friends if they want to take a closer look because I know that it’s protected whether they have really greasy fingers or not hehe :D

    Also I believe it’s probably the best protection in that it’s ALWAYS on no matter what. Having it in the horizontal pouch will protect it there, but once you take it out to use it, it’s in danger of water, falling etc.

    And then on the other hand it’s also really nice to hold and use without any extra screen on and having that slightly smaller size also. But I feel good having both options, I’m going to ask some friends and family for their opinions.

    As I said I wouldn’t even with the silicon case..

  13. Chris Says:

    Great info, Gandalf - thanks for sharing it!

    I would not worry about the magnetic lock issue. I have used my PDair pouch (w. magnetic lock) with my N95 for well over a year and have experienced absolutely no negative effects.

    Might be different for other pouches, though

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