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Samsung has released official firmware update for the i8510 INNOV8

Samsung Software Updater - SSU - Share on Ovi
Samsung Software Updater - SSU

Great news indeed, although the information I have is rather sketchy. So this is basically a “heads up”:

  1. Samsung now has a system in place for updating firmware on the INNOV8
  2. Samsung has released an official firmware update for the INNOV8

It appears the version number of the released firmware is I8510XXHJ3. This version is apparently from October (see how Samsung firmware versioning works) and it is the firmware my INNOV8 arrived with (I8510XXHJ3/I8510L03XEEHJ1 - so no update for me).

Unlike Nokia’s Software Updater, which is a stand alone application, the Samsung Software Updater (SSU) comes as part of Samsung’s PC Studio. It seems the SSU application has only just been added to the latest PC studio version – v. (ver. 7.0). The installation file is multi lingual/region, but here are two links for downloading:

  1. Download Samsung PC Studio from Danish Samsung support site.
  2. Download Samsung PC Studio from UK Samsung support site.

Since my INNOV8 ran latest firmware I have no idea how the actual update process works, but checking to see if new firmware is available, is very similar to NSU:

  1. Install PC Studio.
  2. Start PC Studio – it will prompt you to connect INNOV8 to PC.
  3. I connected using the USB cable – Windows detects the INNOV8 and installs drivers.
  4. SSU is one of the options in the main menu of PC Studio.
  5. Launching it starts a step-wise process very similar to NSU (see image above).

I am hoping the current firmware release is a sort of test and that a major revision is in the works. Since my INNOV8 runs on the I8510XXHJ3 version currently being distributed, I know it has quite a few bugs – including the annoying audio sync problem with video recordings.

Source: All About Symbian forum via  samsungi8510.com user forum.

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13 Responses to “Samsung has released official firmware update for the i8510 INNOV8”

  1. Gravatar tadej Says:


    You’ve got very helpful posts on your site, thx for that!!!

    I have a question: Why can’t I upgrade pc studio to the latest version, i have uninstalled the previous and it stops installing new one at 6%, and it says a network error occuredwhile attempting to read from…

    I’d be grateful for any advice.

    I am from Slovenia otherwise and am thrilled about this phone, but I find it sad that support is not as good as with nokias, and I won’t talk about symbian apps and themes, which are made only for nokias mainly…

    Enjoy and thank you!!!


  2. Chris Says:

    Hello tadej, glad to hear you like the site.

    Sounds as if your problems are caused by network errors - either the Samsung server your are downloading from is overloaded, or your own network connection has trouble keeping the connection.

    I think you should just keep trying - at some point you will succeed.

  3. Gravatar Anphase Says:

    Awesome site man ;) you rock!

  4. Gravatar tropolite Says:

    Hi tadej

    I had a similar problem as you and I was trying to install the latest Samsung PC Studio 7 onto my Vista notebook, failing at the same place as yours.

    Reading the whole error message it says network error occuredwhile attempting to read from msxml4.msi

    Here’s what I did… Go into ProgramData\Installations\{2958B04A-…}\installations\msxml folder and rename the msxml.msi to msxml4.msi. Now rerun the the installation again. The install will add another msxml.msi but it will now read from the renamed file and complete the install.

    Hope this helps.


  5. Gravatar Tadej Says:

    Can you please tell me where can I go into this ProgramData…? and can you give me full address? Thank you!!!

  6. Gravatar tadej Says:

    Mine says: Users\ApplicationData\Installations\{2958B04A-0905-4689-B8D8-2F51 - and I guess it’s not whole because some details are missing at the end; I tried to change screen resolution, but it didn’t help… :/

  7. Gravatar Tadej Says:

    I have now managed to successfully install the latest version of PC Studio (thank you tropolite!!!) but I hvae a new trouble while the Software updater says it does not support the connected model. My phone’s firmware is [BP] I8510XEHK1 (BP Compile Date: Nov 06 2008 BP Compile Time: 15:10:15 [AP Code] I8510XEHJ4 [AP CSC] I8510MOTHJ4). It was bought on Austrian market. If anyone has any useful information, please let me know.



  8. Gravatar Miroslav Says:

    Greets to all! I just bought my self a innov8 and i have the same problem as Tadeh has. So if anyone has a solution for our problem i and probablly Tadeh will be happy :)


  9. Gravatar Armin Says:

    hi and thanx for ur great site and informations about innov8…

    i have install the laste Pc studio and when i’m checking for update its saying that no update required and your software is completely up-to-date.

    My Software Version is :I8510XXHJ3 and 07.10.08 as version Date and no updated on last update part :S

    so is everything OK?

    and How can i update my mobile from Device Manager i mean how can i create server profile?

    I have audio sync problem and very bad batteri too :S

    thanx again

  10. Gravatar Peter Says:

    hi all!

    this posts are really great!!
    i have the same problem with instalation of PCSUITE.
    i made a renaming od msxml but the problem persist…
    please help :)

    anyone know wkat is wrong with battery time, it doesn’t last a day…. :(


  11. Gravatar Hans Erik Says:

    I have the latest pc suite and it installed ok. But when I connect phone(pc studio) and start the updater, I get message “error connection between pc and phone” something… This is when the updater starts to scan the phone for current software version… Anyone have a solution? I run Windows 7 btw…

  12. Gravatar Hans Erik Says:

    Never mind. Tested on a XP machine as we speak, works ok. One time only, says I have the latest software, I8510XXHJ3… Isn’t it a I8510XXHJ4 version out…?

  13. Gravatar les Says:

    please help i have been trying for a while udate to the latest pc studio but everytime i try i get fatel error message i am running vista and cant update my firmwhare until i can update the software

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