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Samsung i8510 INNOV8 I8510XXHJ4 firmware update?

About a week ago I posted how Samsung now has a firmware update system in place.

After installing the Samsung Software Updater (SSU - part of Samsung’s PC Studio 7) I checked to see, if Samsung had released a new firmware revision for the INNOV8, but the I8510XXHJ3 firmware my INNOV8 was born was listed as the most recent.

It seems the first job for SSU has been to roll out the I8510XXHJ3 firmware for all regional variants of the INNOV8. To ensure all are in line and ready for a firmware revision that will hopefully bring about major changes.

Maybe this new revision is being rolled out as I write this.

Just yesterday in the samsungi8510.com forum, I noticed a user reporting having updated his INNOV8 to firmware revision I8510XXHJ4 – dated 19/11/2008. See this post and the thread onwards.

The I8510XXHJ3 firmware is dated 07/10/2008 so if the I8510XXHJ4 report is true, new firmware has been released.

I will update this post as more information becomes available.

***** UPDATE DEC. 28TH *****

“papa_jo” – the forum user who reported having the I8510XXHJ4 firmware mentioned above – has now posted a follow-up in the samsungi8510.com forum.

According to “papa_jo” the HJ4 firmware not only fixes the problem with audio being out of sync in video recordings, but some of the camera settings that previously had to be re-set every time the camera was used, can now be stored. One example is GPS geotagging.

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40 Responses to “Samsung i8510 INNOV8 I8510XXHJ4 firmware update?”

  1. Gravatar Samsung i8510 INNOV8: disponibile il nuovo fimrware HJ4? : Spaziocellulare News Magazine Says:

    [...] Il report dell’utente sembrerebbe verosimili. Attendiamo comunque altre conferme da altri utenti e nei prossimi giorni. (via: Gersbo.dk) [...]

  2. Gravatar Jess Moore Says:

    Samsung i8510 INNOV8 Funda Para Tasche http://www.carrymobile.com

  3. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    Reading through that whole thread on samsungi8510.com forum.. it’s really a mess. Every single user except “papa_jo” have reported that they either can’t get going, that they get stuck during the process and/or very long update times. Kind of discouraging, although “papa_jo”’s account of the supposed fixes IS very encouraging on the other hand indeed.

    I wasn’t really able to pick anything useful up reading through the thread (lots of confused users, understandably!) except a pattern of people getting stalled at 27% in the install proces where it asked for USB drivers. Since “papa_jo” claims to have no problems or stalls during his firmware update you should think that he must have had the latest USB drivers installed as opposed to all those who did stall at 27%. So when I finally recieve my phone very soon (comeon GLS!) it would want to install these right away. Have you installed the USB drivers Chris? I have this paradox in my head that you need the Samsung PC Studio to install the USB drivers, but also you’d need the USB drivers to be able to use the Samsung PC Studio together with your phone heh..

  4. Chris Says:

    I understand the confusion and you must make sure to distinguish between the two different ways, people are upgrading their firmware. Discussions of both approaches are intertwined in the thread I link to in the above post.

    Some people are using an “unofficial” approach described at samsungi8510.com. I have not tried this approach, but I know the USB driver discussion pertains to this approach. AFAIK the USB driver is needed for the program that actually transfers the new firmware to the phone.

    The other approach is the official one that uses Samsung PC Suite and Samsung Software Updater.

    I have therefore not installed the USB driver being discussed. When you connect you INNOV8 to a computer using the USB cable, and select the PC Suite mode, some drivers will be installed on the computer (and this sometimes goes wrong - I have not had any problems with my INNOV8, but in the past I have experienced some with my Nokia S60 phones). I do not think it is these drivers that are being discussed.

    Hope this clears up your confusion just a little bit…

  5. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    Ah ok. So in either case if you have vista you don’t need to download USB drivers?

    I’m not so desperate for firmware updates to take an unofficial route, I’ll wait for the offcial.. does your Samsung PC Suite still tell you that you are up to date with your 8510XXHI3?

  6. Chris Says:

    I am on Windows XP and what happens is this: When you connect the phone to the computer using the USB cable, and select the “PC Suite” mode, several devices are installed. This works automagically.

    Yes, last time I checked (a few days ago), SSU told me the I8510XXHJ3 firmware my INNOV8 is running, is the most recent version for my regional variant.

  7. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    Hehe “automagically” - I like that :D

    Do you know what the “memory patch” on the official samsung website is for? It doesn’t tell, strangely :S

    And lastly which apps do you use on the i8510? :)

  8. Gravatar homopus Says:

    Hi @ all,

    can someone of you please test if these new firmware runs in german language?

    thx a lot

  9. Chris Says:

    @Gandalf: The “memory patch” is for the navigation software that comes pre-installed - Route 66. By default the phone will try to install map data on the internal memory and this location cannot be changed. Big problem since map data is giga bytes of data, and the internal memory is what…128 MB?

    Running the “memory patch” on the phone will enable you to select where to put the map data.

    I will get back you re: installed applications

  10. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    Ah ok, silly error.. Speaking of which when I first boot up the phone is there anything, any setting I should change immediately? Any other pre-installed app or anything that is set to fill up the wee little c:\ drive?

    Regarding apps, I’ve done some extensive footwork since my last messege, so I can post my findings when I’m done as well.. looking foward to your list also ;)

  11. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    When I click on File Manager in the Samsung PC Studio, it comes up with an error that reads “class not registered”. I think it may be because I’m running Vista64. Do you know of any any alternative way to file manage the phone and it’s transfers to/from the PC?

  12. Chris Says:

    @Gandalf: I am afraid I cannot help you there. I avoid using the PC software for anything besides firmware updates. I do all data transfers to and from the phone using either (USB) cable, Bluetooth or web.

  13. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    I ended up just setting the phone to data mode instead of PC Studio mode and so it appeared as a mass storage device in “Computer”. I can’t see the system folders and such, but then I can use y-browser on the phone if needed. Works good enough..

    I’m really impressed by this phone btw, most awesome thing I ever bought. Just tried GPS navigation in car, voice guidance etc. worked perfectly! :D

  14. Chris Says:

    That is what I always do :-)

    Did you use the Route 66 navigation program? If so, would you mind posting just a brief list of the steps you had to go through to activate the license, transfer map data etc?

    I have not had the time to try the included Route 66 and a few pointers would be a really big help…

  15. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    Don’t worry it’s really, really easy.

    I tried it immediately when I got the phone, but it couldn’t make a connection. All the wireless connections I could detect are locked where live and I don’t have my own wireless. I tried using 3G and even GPRS but actually I haven’t managed to get either 3G or GPRS to work with any of my applications. My phone operator is BiBoB, I think I may have to configure some settings manually. But it’s no big deal anyway, I would want to use WIFI for the most part by far.

    Anyway it was actually real easy. I was visiting some family who had their own WIFI set up (totally unsecure without pasword or anything.. luckily :D) and so I tried to fire up Route66 again and it found a connection. As soon as it had connection it said that it had obtained the licence key and that I could now go on and use the program. I left the phone for about 5 min and it got a lock (which takes much less time now with GPS+ enabled). And that’s it. It seems to me that the maps were preinstalled because I could just use it like that. I plotted a route home when we left and it just worked totally intuitive and as I expected. When I got home I installed the Route66 PC software and discovered that the maps “Nordic” was already on the phone, taking up about 350 mb. So I’m pretty sure that the maps are actually preinstalled on the phone :)

  16. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    Haha I just travelled back in time to answer your question before you asked :D

  17. Chris Says:

    No you did not, I am messing with Wordpress’ time zone setting ;-)

    Thank you very much for the info re: Route 66.

    Incidentally, I am also using a BiBoB SIM with my INNOV8 and I have absolutely no problems with HSDPA/GPRS. You can make BiBoB send configuration settings to your phone by sending an SMS to 1263 with the text ‘GPRS’.

    Just remember, you also have to configure ‘Destinations’ on your phone.

  18. Chris Says:

    Just to confirm:

    - You did not have to enter a license key for Route 66 manually?
    - Do you know if the Route 66 license is only good for a limited number of days - like 14 days, or three months?

  19. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    Hehe the timing is getting mroe and more messed up.. now you’re more than an hour behind instead of ahead :P

    - No I did not have to enter any license key manually. It just seemed to check in with a server and get the key automatically and instantly.

    - It don’t recall it saying anything about it being a 14 day trial on my screen, though I have read on the forum that it is. So actually I’m not sure. But anyway I applied this little trick, don’t know yet if it’ll work:

    I usually buy all my software (already bought Coreplayer for 30$), but having a 14 day trial is not going to be enough time for me to decide whether I want to spend 500 DKK on the maps. But who knows there may be a slight chance that us scandinavians got it for free eh? You can always hope :)

    Now regarding those “destinations” I have two options already: Sonophon GPRS and Sonophon WAP, though neither of them ever work when I choose them as data packet delivery what-ever in various applications. What do you have?

  20. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    Ok I send the messages and got the settings, now both MMS and GPRS work, thanks for the heads up! Actually I do remember my indtroduction letter from BiBoB mentioning it, I had to forgotten it.

    What about WAP or 3G then? How does that work?

  21. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    Yay with proper GPRS now working I could then download some GPS+ data for a faster position lock.. great :)

    I have also been snooping around inside Route 66 looking for any information on whether it’s a trial and when it’s expiring etc. and I cannot find anything about it mentioned anyway. So either it’s free full version of nordic maps or it expires suddenly and without warning.

  22. Chris Says:

    Ok, thank you for additional info.

    GPRS is Turbo 3G (HSDPA)/3G (UMTS) if a 3G network is available. If not, then it is just old hat GPRS. All you need is a ‘BiBoB GPRS’ access point for data, and a ‘BiBoB MMS’ access point for sending and receiving MMS.

    Remember to configure your messaging settings to use the BiBoB MMS access point for MMS. “Messaging” | “Options” | “Settings” | “Multimedia message” | “Access point in use”.

  23. Chris Says:

    Now regarding those “destinations” I have two options already: Sonophon GPRS and Sonophon WAP, though neither of them ever work when I choose them as data packet delivery what-ever in various applications. What do you have?

    The Sonofon access points are added automatically, when you first power on the phone. Because BiBoB uses Sonofon’s network. Just delete them - you cannot use them anyhow, you just need the BiBoB access points.

    In “Destinations”, add “BiBoB GPRS” and any WiFi AP’s to the “Internet” group, add “BiBoB MMS” to the “MMS Message” group.

    Access point prioritization within a Destinations group - gersbo.dk
    S603rd Network Settings - Share on Ovi
  24. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    All working now, and thanks for clearing that up with “Turbo 3G (HSDPA)/3G (UMTS)” :)

    Are you using an app called Screensnap or Screenshot to take those phone screenshots?

  25. Chris Says:

    I am using Screenshot for Symbian OS - it is a free application made by Anthony Pranata.

  26. Gravatar Gandalf Says:

    Great.. have you been listening to music on the i8510 btw? I’ve tried to use the included headset, but even on the highest volume the volume is not satisfactory IMO, and I’m not the type who listens to music with in-ear pieces loudly. Any app you know of that can amplify? Otherwise it may be the headset itself and I might have to buy a better one then..

  27. Gravatar Armin2 Says:

    hi and thanx for ur great site and informations about innov8…

    i have install the laste Pc studio and when i’m checking for update its saying that no update required and your software is completely up-to-date.

    yeah my Software Version is :I8510XXHJ3 also and 07.10.08 as version Date but why no updated on last update!!!

    so is everything OK?

    and How can i update my mobile from Device Manager i mean how can i create server profile?

    I have audio sync problem and very bad batteri too :S

    thanx again

  28. Gravatar Jason Says:

    Armin2, normally for upgrading, we use the PC studio and do the update but as Samsung is pretty new to this, I guess it is not up to date.

    I did my software upgrade at the Service Center, it took at most 2 hours only.

    Your audio sync problem might be solve by software upgrade as for battery life…. it is still problem with a few solutions that you need to find out on the internet and slowly find out which one works for you.

  29. Gravatar Nobita Says:

    hi my innov8 got multiple issues,

    -it cant be recognize by windows most of the time. storage mode gets a higher rate of getting recognize if I restart the phone.
    -it keeps on freezing, and the only way to turn it on again is to reseat the battery.
    -battery last for a day only
    -pcstudio7 update says that “phone software updater does not support the connected model”?

    here’s the device manager info
    Software version
    Software version date
    Custom version
    Custom version date
    Language set
    Latest update
    Not updated

  30. Gravatar Jason Says:


    I believe the main things that you can do is to bring it to your country’s service center and let them do the software update for you. In terms of doing phone software update by Windows, Samsung is not that up to date, and I think most of us did the update by sending it to the service center.

    After you have updated the firmware, then you can refer to the posts that we have with regards to battery life and work from there. There can be multiple solutions to the battery life problem.

  31. Gravatar Nobita Says:

    thanks for the reply jason. but is the freezing cause by a bad firmware or is it already a hardware problem of my phone? in the past 12hrs my phone just froze at least 8 times.

    im going to have my innov8 firmware updated tomorrow, hopefully it will fix the annoying usb issue.

  32. Gravatar Jason Says:

    Nobita, a firmware update will solve most of the problems. I can’t answer that question regarding whether it is a hardware problem or bad firmware.

    My experience was having the phone hang once every 3 to 4 days. After I did the firmware upgrade. It has NEVER hung on me once… and I’m so pleasantly surprised by that.

    Good luck on the new firmware. My advice to you is to complain to them about your battery life too and get em to replace yours. I mean, since you are already going there for the update, it is worth to ask for a replacement battery for it.

  33. Gravatar Nobita Says:

    I brought my innov8 to the samsung center earlier, ill get my phone back w/in 3days. and itll cost me $25 just for the update. I told the representative that a firmware update should be free since it can be downloaded on samsung site… only problem is its not working. rep instead told me that the update online may not be compatible with the phone etc..etc.. which of course I know that shes just beating around the bush. I just let her get away with it.
    anyway I compared all pcstudio7 from each countries download site and theyre all the same.

    my phone doesnt have any warranty here in the Philippines as my phone was bought in UK by its 1st owner.

    ps.since innov8 is only less than 1 year, do you think I should demand for a free service on our local samsung center even f I dont have a reciept and if it was bought outside my country? is there a 1year manufacturer warranty for innov8? fyi the first thing the rep asked me was the reciept where I bought the phone instead of asking me what are the problems of my phone.

  34. Gravatar Jason Says:

    I can’t really answer much to your questions, because mine is first hand set and I still have my receipt with me. So, the upgrading done for me is free. The service here is that firmware upgrade can be done in 2 hours. I am not sure how to compare it with your country’s.

    And since you have already said that the warrranty does not cover your country, then I think there is not use in demanding for it. No receipt and no warranty means you gotta pay for it. Since it is also bought out of the country, you have no case to argue with them for it.

    Since you have already done the upgrade and paid for it, I think you should go ahead and see whether there is improvement instead of brooding over it.

  35. Gravatar Dallas McAfee Says:

    Hello all,
    New purchaser of this phone(3weeks). I have been trying to update the software since the first day with no luck. Finally today I tried again and almost immediately I got a list of updates available for my phone. I started the update and it took about 12 minutes, even though the software indicated that it would take more than 30 minutes. All went well and the latest software is installed. There is nothing that I can tell immediately that has changed but if I find anything I will update. I am located in Oceanside California and my phone is the international version of the samsung I8510.

  36. Gravatar anonymoose Says:

    I8510XXIB2 (Feb. 2009) Firmware available @ http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8IHZUZCO

  37. Gravatar Jason Says:

    anonymoose, this new firmware is for which region?

  38. Gravatar Nobita Says:

    hi there i’m trying to hard reset the phone but the 00000000 isnt accepted. is there any other way to return it to factory settings even i dunno the password? i already called samsung call center and they cant help me. thanks in advance.

  39. Gravatar Junaid Says:

    Hello all,
    Can any one help me please. My innov8 showing Limited or No Service , instead of network name. The signal strength is 0 ( no bars) when it shows this and the phone is not able to make / recieve calls or sms while showing that. When i take cell to someother location i mean in the other cell site, the signals strength vary and the network name appears. The phone was working fine 2 weeks back and trying other network/sim results the same. While other handsets has no problem at the same location with both sims. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ?

  40. Gravatar SAMSUNG GT-I8510 | Descargar Drivers Says:

    [...] Something different: Samsung GT-i8510 Innov8. Samsung GT-i8510 Innov8 unboxing video … need the USB drivers to be able to use the Samsung PC Studio together … Link: [Descargar] [...]

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