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Busy, Busy, Busy – Mobile Marketing

Läkerol mobile marketing campaign - samlfamilien.dk - Share on Ovi

To be honest, I do not like to post “I am too tired/uninspired/busy/ill to blog” entries when real world events keeps me from updating this blog. Especially if you have to post them too often – then you probably should not be blogging. Nevertheless, from time to time I have to resort to such posts, simply to get something out.

Now is such a time.

At work the activity level quickly reached the same intensity as before Christmas and on the home front, both my girlfriend and youngest daughter have been down all week with a bad case of the flu.

I figured I would take this opportunity to blog a bit about current mobile-related projects at work.

SMS recipe service for GØL - http://www.goel.dk - Share on Ovi
Recipe SMS service for GØL


With Danish sausage makers, ‘GØL’ (part of Tulip Food Company) we have just launched an SMS-based recipe service. During the coming weeks, each week a new recipe will be promoted in supermarkets. The recipe will be promoted in-store, right next to the type of sausages are used for the recipe. The promotional material inform shoppers how to get hold of the recipe right then and there by sending a text message.

If you have a SIM for a Danish operator, you can try out the service by sending a text message to shortcode ‘1204’ with the text GØL (keyword), followed by a space and a number between 1 and 6, e.g. ‘GØL 2’. The SMS service is linked to GØL’s web site where the recipes are also shown – see image to the right.

The service is quite basic and low-tech, but IMHO this sort of service has a lot of potential. Partly because the service is offered at the right time and place (I think most people have experienced roaming a supermarket late in the afternoon, trying to decide on what to have for dinner), partly because the mobile phone is very immediate and ready-at-hand for a service at that time and place.

Läkerol MMS service - erdusjov.dk - Share on Ovi
MMS video upload competition for Läkerol


For Läkerol we are in the process of launching a campaign consisting of a competition, based on video clips submitted by MMS. Consumers participate by recording a “fun” video clip, which they then send to shortcode ‘1204’ using keyword ‘SJOV’. The submitted video clips are collected and displayed on a campaign site – erdusjov.dk – where visitors are able to rate the funniness of individual clips. At the end of the campaign, the highest rated clips wins a prize.

We have done similar services in the past – e.g. for Läkerol and Jensen’s Bøfhus – but a few things make this latest campaign a bit more sophisticated and thus interesting. First, we have not used video before – the other campaign were based on images – and second, we have used an online video sharing service – Vimeo – to collect the submitted video clips.

I really like the technical setup for this campaign: MMS with attached video clip is sent to our mobile messaging gateway and transferred to our campaign-specific service, which then extracts the video clip, and uploads it to an Vimeo Plus account. The campaign site – erdusjov.dk – pulls the videos from Vimeo, puts them out on a page, and enables visitors to rate clips. Pretty nifty, if you ask me.

Two things I am not too happy about. As most readers will probably be aware, the quality of MMS video is very poor. It is too bad the MMS specification has not been brought up to speed with mobile phone camera and network capabilities. The campaign site is all flash, which I personally dislike. I think a site with HTML done proper would be both nicer and more functional. I guess there must be something about flash that just attracts advertizing agencies like moths to a flame.

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