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My name is Christopher Gersbo-Møller.

I live in Odense, Denmark with my daughter Anna.

I am a software engineer working as head of technology services with OnlineCity. At OnlineCity we develop web and mobile services (with a focus on combining the two) - my function is something along the lines of project manager and system architect.

Before taking up the position with OnlineCity, I did graduate research at the University of Southern Denmark, Strategic Organization Design unit - SOD.

Prior to doing SOD research, I worked as a research assistant on the business intelligence project at Knowledge Lab. Before that, I worked as a software developer for a couple of years, doing mostly server-side Java for web-based applications (intra net and e-commerce).

I mainly use this blog for my own notes and purposes. Recently, I have also started to use a wiki-thing (a TiddlyWiki to be precise) for my immediate notes.

Contact details:

Work:+45 4240 1002
Mobile:+45 5190 4372
Mail:chris [at] gersbo [dot] dk
IM:Jabber: gersbo@jabber.dk or MSN: gersbo@gmail.com