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Now that is more like it!

The 10/1 Mbps ADSL line I ordered from Telmore was activated yesterday.

What a difference - I regret not doing this sooner!

I went from this:

To this:

Which is nice.

As an added bonus the ISP switch required zero work on my part. Telmore canceled my previous ADSL subscription and although they did send me a nice box with a brand new ADSL modem in it, I have no use for it. The new modem is identical to the one I already have so I took my chances and just kept the old one. It worked out perfectly - some time yesterday while I was at work the IP address simply changed and that was it.

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Sayonara, Tele 2

For well over a year, I have been dissatisfied with my ISP - Tele 2 . but I have been to much of a lazy sod to do something about it.

I changed that tonight when I came across an advertisement at telmore.dk (my mobile telephony provider). The advertisement informed me that Telmore just started an ISP business offering me:

  1. Cancellation of my current ISP subscription.
  2. A 10 Mbps/1 Mbps line for DKK 299,- a month (Tele 2 charge me DKK 340,- a month for my current 2 Mbps/512 kbps line).

I other words telling me: "Pay us less, do not lift a finger, and we will quintuple the speed of your ADSL line".

How can you say no to an offer like that?


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WiMAX, WiFi etc.: Beware of Mobile Broadband

Phew! My new job does not leave me with much energy for blogging - but it did provide me with the opportunity to have sort of an epiphany this week: Mobile broadband (HSDPA aka Turbo 3G) is serious competition to WiMAX, hotspot providers, and other network connectivity technologies for "on the go".

The occasion was a product presentation in another part of country. Basically as I walked out the door of the office my boss threw me this dongle from "3" and told me to use it if I wanted to do some work on the train. I did, and I have to say it is one of the most hassle-free pieces of technology I have used in a long time. Not only that, network coverage is great her in Denmark (on their website, "3"  claim to cover 84% of the population) - I used the dongle on a 2 hour car ride (as passenger) and a 2 hour train journey and I do not remember losing the signal once. Yes, the quality of the signal varied, but I never lost it and it never became intolerably slow (unlike GPRS).


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SÃ¥ er jeg vist Sonofonkunde?

Sonofon overtager Tele2

På DRs pengemagasin kan jeg læse, at norske Telenor har købt min telefoni- og internetudbyder, Tele2.

Telenor ejer Sonofon og Sonofon har da også offentliggjort en pressemeddelelse om købet. Der står intet om begivenheden på Tele2's hjemmeside, men noget tyder på, at jeg med et slag er blevet kunde hos Sonofon.

Mon det er en god ting?…og betyder det, at jeg nu kan fÃ¥ top-svedigt turbo-bredbÃ¥nd? Eller vil Sonofon fastholde Tele2's definition af Odense S som uland, der kun lige netop fortjener opgradering fra 56K dial-up?

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Tele2 20 mbps ADSL

As part of the ongoing Danish ADSL price war (+ the attempt to catch up with Swedish ADSL prices), Tele2 on October 25th announced a 20 mpbs ADSL line to be available shortly.

I (again) signed up for notification about availability in the faint hope that maybe this time, the offer would extend to my telephone central (Stenløse).

Tele2 customer service emailed me today informing me that the 20 mpbs line is now available (10 mpbs now, with an upgrade to 20 mpbs during the month of December), but alas, when I called Tele2 they regrettably informed me that their network still does not cover Stenløse central and that I would not be able to get the 20 mpbs line.

Bummer … again!

Well, on the bright side the customer service guy did tell me that Tele2 is continuously expanding their network and they inform existing customers when centrals are upgraded. Hopefully this will happen to me any time soon…

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8 Mbps Is Not Happening

The reply from Tele2 customer service to my request for an update on the 8 mbps upgrade of my broadband connection was a big letdown. Apparently, I was able to sign up for the upgrade by mistake - Tele2 only provides the 8 mbps connection within their own network, which does not extend to my neighborhood.


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The 8 Mbps Has Not Kicked In Yet

In a continued effort to catch up with Swedish internet broadband prices and speeds, my ISP Tele2 announced the availablility of 8192/512 Mbit/s broadband in September 2006. The 8 Mbit line is priced at DKK 379 (∼ $63) a month, which is actually DKK 20 less than what I currently pay for my 2 Mbit line - go figure…

Needless to say, I immediately signed up for an upgrade to 8 Mbit and on September 11th, Tele2 confirmed my upgrade request, telling me the actual upgrade would take place within 4 weeks. I have been testing my broadband line transfer rates from time to time ever since, but nothing has happend - the transfer rates remain at 1.8 Mbit/s download and 450 kbit/s upload, which translate into the 2048/512 kbit/s line I'm subscribed to.

So, today I emailed Tele2 customer support, asking them if they can tell me when the upgrade will be effective.

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