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Busy, Busy, Busy – Mobile Marketing

Läkerol mobile marketing campaign - samlfamilien.dk - Share on Ovi

To be honest, I do not like to post “I am too tired/uninspired/busy/ill to blog” entries when real world events keeps me from updating this blog. Especially if you have to post them too often – then you probably should not be blogging. Nevertheless, from time to time I have to resort to such posts, simply to get something out.

Now is such a time.

At work the activity level quickly reached the same intensity as before Christmas and on the home front, both my girlfriend and youngest daughter have been down all week with a bad case of the flu.

I figured I would take this opportunity to blog a bit about current mobile-related projects at work.


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Samsung i8510 INNOV8 I8510XXHJ4 firmware update?

About a week ago I posted how Samsung now has a firmware update system in place.

After installing the Samsung Software Updater (SSU - part of Samsung’s PC Studio 7) I checked to see, if Samsung had released a new firmware revision for the INNOV8, but the I8510XXHJ3 firmware my INNOV8 was born was listed as the most recent.

It seems the first job for SSU has been to roll out the I8510XXHJ3 firmware for all regional variants of the INNOV8. To ensure all are in line and ready for a firmware revision that will hopefully bring about major changes.

Maybe this new revision is being rolled out as I write this.


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3 reasons why MMS is gaining traction

Mobile MMS coupon - gersbo.dk
MMS coupon. Source: More Mobile Relations

For some time I have been keeping an eye on MMS. In part because I suspect something is up with MMS, but also because some experiences with MMS made me start a post about the future of MMS six months ago.

When introduced, MMS – Multimedia Message Service – was somehow envisioned to replace SMS. “Same as SMS…but with pictures”. Only it never has. Actually, MMS traffic volume has been ridiculously low in comparison to the volume of SMS traffic. From time to time the discussion of whether MMS is a technological dead end pops up – for instance when the original iPhone (and the subsequent iPhone 3G) was introduced without MMS support.

I believe in MMS, but I do not believe in it as an replacement of SMS (that is the subject of the aforementioned, other post). Recently, a couple of data points have come to my attention, which suggest there is in fact a case for MMS.


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Samsung has released official firmware update for the i8510 INNOV8

Samsung Software Updater - SSU - Share on Ovi
Samsung Software Updater - SSU

Great news indeed, although the information I have is rather sketchy. So this is basically a “heads up”:

  1. Samsung now has a system in place for updating firmware on the INNOV8
  2. Samsung has released an official firmware update for the INNOV8

It appears the version number of the released firmware is I8510XXHJ3. This version is apparently from October (see how Samsung firmware versioning works) and it is the firmware my INNOV8 arrived with (I8510XXHJ3/I8510L03XEEHJ1 - so no update for me).


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PDair pouch and screen protector for Samsung i8510 INNOV8

PDair horizontal pouch for Samsung i8510 INNOV8 - Share on Ovi
PDair horizontal pouch for Samsung i8510 INNOV8

Very soon after getting the INNOV8 I decided I was going to need some sort of pouch for it. It is a bit too large to carry in a pocket…my pockets anyway.

Because I am very happy with the pouch from PDair I got for my Nokia N95-1, I checked to see, if PDair maybe had the same type of pouch for the INNOV8.

They did, and I immediately ordered one. It also turned out PDair carries screen protectors for the INNOV8 and I got one of those as well. Interesting to see, if it is as good as the ones from Martin Fields I usually swear by.


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Installing and using 3rd party themes drain the Samsung i8510 INNOV8 battery…pronto

Samsung INNOV8 with battery

One of things I was wondering about when I decided to get the INNOV8, was how compatible it would be with all things S60: applications, themes and such.

So last weekend – after having the INNOV8 for about two weeks – I installed a theme I have previously been using on both my Nokia N95, a N82 and my 6220 Classic (this theme). Very much to my liking, the theme installed without any problems, and it also worked as it should.

But then, after a few days, I noticed I had to charge the INNOV8 every single day. I mean, if I charged the battery in the evening (say from 9 PM to midnight), the battery would be completely dead/drained by the late afternoon, or early evening of the following day.


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In crunch mode - not blogging

I should be doing cool stuff with my new Samsung i8510 INNOV8 phone (and other phones) – subsequently writing on this blog about the cool stuff I do.

But I get to do neither of those – instead I get to work like there is no tomorrow. For the past few months we have been extremely busy at work, which is both a good and a bad thing. It is mostly good because most activities are related to mobile. It is bad because it leaves me with little time to geek out with phones.


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