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P910i iTunes

How would you like to use your Sony Ericsson P910i - or another mobile phone - as an iTunes device? Thanks to Tea Vui Huang's Mass Storage Synchronizer utility, that is now possible … sort of at least.

With an actual iPod, you plug it into the computer and sync directly with the device (I think - I have never had en iPod). Since you cannot plug in your P910i in this fashion, with Mass Storage Synchronizer, you will will actually be synchronizing the contents of a MemoryStick folder with an iTunes playlist. So you have to remove the MemoryStick from the phone, plug it into a cardreader or such, do the sync and finally plug it back into the phone.

If that does not sound too troublesome to you, Mass Storage Synchronizer actually works pretty neat. The Storage Synchronizer consists of a Java class (so you need a JRE/SDK), a Windows batch file and a few Java scripts. In the batch file, you can modify the paths to where you keep the files.

- I use the Ogg Vorbis for my music (the Storage Synchronizer works with any file format).
- I keep my mobile music in a special 'ogg' folder on a MemoryStick

Ogg Vorbis support has been broken since iTunes version 6.0, which only works with QuickTime 7.0 (bundled with iTunes). QuickTime 7.0 broke compability with exisiting ogg vorbis codecs.

Xiph QuickTime Components version 0.1.3 has recently been released. These components are compatible with QuickTime 7.0 and thus restores Ogg Vorbis suppport in both iTunes and QuickTime.

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podhead, Danish podcasting portal.

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The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) has announced podcast support and I decided to look for a podcasting aggregator. The podcast page at DR has a link for iPodder, but I chose iTunes, which I have been wanting to try for some time. iTunes now comes with podcasting support.Most of my audio files are in the Ogg Vorbis format (they take up less space on my phone) so I looked around for a .ogg support in iTunes. I found what I was looking for on the QuickTime Components Project. Plugins are available for iTunes on both Mac and Windows.

Oh, and there is an extension for Firefox, which enable you to control iTunes (and other media players) from the browser.

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