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How to get TiddlySnip extension working with Firefox 3.0

If you happen to use the TiddlySnip Firefox extension for TiddlyWiki - and have updated Firefox to the v3.0 released yesterday - you have probably noticed Firefox v3.0 disables TiddlySnip.

Although the TiddlySnip website lists the extension as compatible with Firefox 3.0, it gets disabled, seemingly because of some security policy. I got the following error message from Firefox:

"TiddlySnip will not be installed because it does not provide secure updates."

I use TiddlySnip rather a lot and luckily, I have been able to dig up a work-around that gets TiddlySnip working again.

On the TiddlySnip Google Group I found a link to a TiddlySnip beta version (beta 1.21).

I downloaded the .xpi file to my laptop and installed it from there by simply opening the file from within Firefox.

Works like a charm!

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Notes-taking in the Digital Age

Tiddlywiki screendump - gersbo.dk

A few years ago I decided to find some way to digitize my personal notes. At that time I realized the notes I was jotting down were mainly a) related to digital resources (mostly stuff online); and b) intended to be used on some sort of computer, or made for the purpose of forging new digital resources. And so it seemed kind of stupid to take down notes off the screen - only to type them back into a computer later on. Not to mention the issue of revising notes.

I ended up using something called a TiddlyWiki as my digital notepad and have been doing so ever since. I have written about TiddlyWiki before but since I recently updated my TiddlyWiki setup and learned some new stuff, I have decided to write about it some more.


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Ubiquitous TiddlyWiki

For some time, I have been using a TiddlyWiki for my immediate and random notes. The major feature of TiddlyWiki is that it is just one HTML file with embedded javascript functions. I use my TiddlyWiki in much the same way the Google Notebook is used, but instead of having the TiddlyWiki "online", I would carry it around on the USB thumbdrive I always have with me. From time to time, I would FTP my TiddlyWiki to wiki.gersbo.dk to make my notes even more accessible.

That is all in the past now, thanks to BidiX's UploadPlugin (TiddlyWiki functionality is extendable through user developed plugins). The UploadPlugin enables me to edit and save my online TiddlyWiki from the TiddlyWiki itself, on any computer.

To accomplish this neat feature, two parts are used. One part is the plugin, which must be installed (copy-pasted) into the TiddlyWiki, the other part is a small PHP script, which must reside on your web server. If you edit an online copy of a TiddlyWiki, the changes made are temporarily contained within the browser. When you hit the "save to web" link in the TiddlyWiki, the plugin contacts the PHP script (basic username + password authentication is provided), which then overwrites the online copy with the browser copy.

So simple and so neat…

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