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Nokia 6220 Classic vacation videos from Kefalonia

Sea turtles enter Argostoli harbour to be fed by the local fishermen.


I intended to include a couple of videos in my "back-from-vacation" post from yesterday. Alas, "Share On Ovi" is currently kind of acting up on me in the sense that some of the videos I upload cannot be embedded - only downloaded. Go figure…

Anyways, I have been fiddling with "Share on Ovi" - uploading and deleting videos until I succeeded with the videos, I wanted to include. Only, now that I have been able to get the videos to show up on "Share…" properly, I have decided to put them in a separate post, rather that updating the one from yesterday.

So there you are - a couple of videos shot on my recent vacation on Kefalonia, Greece - using my Nokia 6220 Classic.


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Best to use FFmpeg with SUPER and DivXPlayer Mobile v.0.90

DivXPlayer_Mobile_MEncoder - Share on Ovi
Video encoded using SUPER was garbled like this when played back on DivXPlayer Mobile.

I encountered a strange problem today as I was gearing up for an upcoming vacation trip abroad.

I was converting some video files into "mobile friendly" format using SUPER, the free video converter, but the converted video was completely garbled (pixelated) (see screenshot to the right), when I played them back in DivXPlayer Mobile. It is strange because I used the exact same settings, I always use with SUPER.


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DivX Mobile Player lets you play back DivX video on the Nokia 6220 Classic

DivX Mobile Player - DivX video on your Nokia 6220 Classic - gersbo.dk
DivX Mobile Player supports full screen play back.

I have written about the DivX Mobile Player in the past and this is really just a recap - to point out that the Mobile Player works really well with the 6220C.

There are other video players available, but one of the strong selling points for the Mobile Player is that it is absolutely free.

Getting hold of - and installing - the DivX Mobile Player is really simple and can be done using sideloading (download using a PC and transfer from the PC to the handset using cable or Bluetooth), or directly using the handset browser.


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emTube enables you to search and stream YouTube videos on your S60 device

"Dark Knight" trailer shown using emTube - gersbo.dk

I recently came across »Samir's« YTPlayer - a very early beta version of a flash application that makes it possible to search and view videos on YouTube.com on a mobile phone.

Since then I have found yet another, free YouTube »client«, namely »emTube«, an application capable of searching, playing and saving YouTube videoes on the mobile.

I am quite excited about »emTube« which I think provides a very nice, mobile interface to YouTube. I used »emTube« yesterday to search YouTube for clips from Led Zeppelin's recent concert at the O2 Arena in London - brilliant!


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The Gum Thief by Douglas Coupland

I have been a fan of Douglas Coupland's writings since reading "Generation X" many years ago. "Microserfs" is one of my all-time favorite books - among other qualities the book constitutes what is probably one of the best descriptions of geekyness. that has ever been put in writing.

I just found out (a little late) that Coupland released his latest book - "The Gum Thief" - in early October this year. I found out because I came across a collection of short video teasers for the book on YouTube. The videos are sort of »artsy« in the way they are made and I find them rather intriguing.

Check out this first clip:

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Me and my N95 do Greece: Entertainment

Using TV-out on the Nokia N95 - gersbo.dkThe TV-out capability is one of the features of the Nokia N95 that I find the most useful. Incidentally, it is also a big crowd pleaser - if I suggest to show people a video or image I have on the phone, they usually first ask me how I am going to do it and when I tell I will just hook up the phone with the TV, they respond with something like "You can really do this?". Great stuff!

I recently took a vacation in Greece with my family and here I discovered another really cool way to use TV-out.


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Why not use your mobile phone as a wireless webcam?

WWIGO can be used with Skype and othe IM apps - gersbo.dk For some time I have been using a free program that enables me to use my mobile phone as a wireless webcam. The program is called WWIGO - Webcam Wherever I GO - and all you need to use it is a compatible handset; a Windows computer; and a very basic knowledge of using bluetooth.

Did I mention it is completely free?

I am pretty psyched about this - it is such a clever application and it is really only the imagination that limits the potential ways in which it can be used. WWIGO can of course be used for video conferencing - e.g. with Skype, MSN Windows Live Messenger and such. But what is keeping you from using the phone as a wireless surveillance camera? Maybe with some additional webcam software? WWIGO works with several older phone models so it is not like you need to have the latest gear to use it. Besides these applications, WWIGO can also be used to record video directly on the computer, using the phone's camera.


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